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I’m so tired of having to resort to yelling because my kids…

I’m so tired of having to resort to yelling because my kids refuse to listen. My 9 year old has been throwing a fit because life’s “just not fair” (then comes eye-roll) since she has to write a tiny journal entry in English, and spend extra time online since she refused to finish work earlier so she’s missing hours. My 4 year old woke up and chose violence today. Dad even ran home on lunch trying to help but the second he leaves they’re back on it. I’m trying so hard not to stress the day but it’s every day... at least my 1 year old is being his sweet/cuddly usual self today though. 😅


— I feel you boo 😑🤦🏻‍♀️

— Girl you have a 14 year old too? I couldn’t even imagine lol. I’m dreading the period phase with mine. She’s already emotional and bossy as heck.

— @lum0s, yes she’s my step but I’ve raised her since she was 6 so she’s mines ☺️ her attitude is the same 😒 but tbh she likes to be by herself now 🙌🏼🙌🏼 she used to be my damn shadow that never shut up 😂🥰

— @aliciaandray, that’s literally my 9 year old to me lol!

— To be fair, it does sound miserable for a 9 year old to do that type of work lol tell her she can have a reward once she finishes her work and let her take small breaks in between assignments. 4 year olds are just turds by nature lol nothing much you can do except time out

— It’s not hard at all lol. She got to write about her favorite music artist. She’s done harder then that with no issue she just didn’t want to do it so she throws a fit to try and get out of school cause she knows it drives me insane. The only reward she got was an earlier bed time cause since this post she lied 3 times and is still on school because she didn’t finish assignments. On days the teacher is live she’s always into school but today she wasn’t so she slacked off and poured instead. The younger when I can deal with but every day it’s just bad vibes emitted from the older one and the behavior is wearing off on the other ones. It’s exhausting. She has ADHD and ODD.