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Update: Original post below, but my sweet pup was found bef…

Update: Original post below, but my sweet pup was found before I posted, although I didn't know, and she was just brought home by animal control. She is safe and sound in her bed now. The animal control officer said he received the call a few hours ago but has been very busy on calls. He also said the person who found her had put her on a lead in their yard and we wouldnt have seen her from the road while it was dark. I drove past her several times unknowingly... But thank God, she is home!!!!

My heart has sunken to the ground and the sadness has set in. Without the love of family and friends I reach out to the internet a place of pretend friends who will never be met. I pour out my heart and share my sincere kindness only to be left feeling empty and blank. The desire to talk to others is waning and the great hope is to be fully secluded, isolated, cut off and protected from the disappointment people bring. The one person I have has let me down today and I, the little people who call me mommy. My first born pup dogter has disappeared and surely will never be found. In a moment of illness I ran to dh to tell him my girls and the pups were in the backyard and I needed him to keep an eye. When I returned outside he was doing his project in the front yard and one pup was right there. The girls are safe to be in the backyard alone but not the "old lady" as I affectionately call my 16+ year old pup. Believing she was back in her kennel I grabbed the scoop of food and proceeded to go to her but she was not there. After asking dh if she was with him he said,"No, she was with the girls". My girls are not old enough to watch for her and 30+ minutes had passed between me asking him to keep eye and coming back outside. She is incredibly geriatric and tends to wander. Afger driving around for an hour(it became dark and unsafe to keep driving) I came home to feed my other two pups and put my girls to bed without any cuddles. I'm empty and alone and want to be angry with dh bc his attitude sucks, but know that anger only hurts more and won't do any good. I just feel an empty, eery calm sadness. Can't explain it. But I really hope I am wrong and that my baby makes her way home..... My baby is due the day after her birthday and I can't take the idea of her dying alone or being hit by a car or worse.... The tears have started falling hot and heavy on my cheeks and chest and I am so sad!!!!!


— Omg thank God she was found safe. That had to be a terrible feeling. Im.sorry you felt like you had no on to talk to you can always message me. Im always here.. 🤗hugss

— @oggirl.mom @jenx @heatherlou88

Thank you! God is good. I went into cuddle my girls after posting and fell asleep. We just a got a call from animal control and thankfully dh answered my phone bc he normally would not. She was found safe and they just pulled up to return her home!!! God is good!! Thank you for your prayers!!!

— Oh my goodness praise the Lord!! So thankful.

— Great news!

— I am so sorry girl. You know Im here if you need to talk. Praying she returns home safely!!

— I pray she makes her way back home. I would be so devastated.

— I pray she makes her way home!!