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Has anyone gotten their nails done while pregnant during th…

Has anyone gotten their nails done while pregnant during the pandemic situation? I was going every few weeks but stopped when I realized I was pregnant (higher risk). I’d really like to get them done though. 😩


— Why don’t you try those press on nails , I follow ppl on ig and the nails are always on point without going to the nail

— Sorry I totally read this wrong. I thought you were asking if it’s ok by you being pregnant lol stupid moment but my sister does my nails there not as prefect but I have seen nail places where I stay very very clean like wiping down after every person my friend went and got her toes done I went with her but I don’t feel comfortable just yet going even tho there starting to lift things my hospital now you can have 2 people in the delivery room when you have your baby
I wanna learn how to do nails at least mine 😏

— Nope. I stopped getting mine done. It’s not worth it to me to sit in close quarters with someone who is in close contact with lots of people each day.

— Nope not worth it in my opinion. I haven’t even gotten my toes done because I don’t trust how some people clean or lack of cleaning they do