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rant 🙄 cause my MIL annoys me sometimes so about 6 years …

rant 🙄 cause my MIL annoys me sometimes
so about 6 years ago she decided to pull a prank on me we live in middle of no where with a lot coyotes everywhere so she goes on walks around the big lake that goes backof the property anyways about 6 years ago she called me on her walk after dark freaking out saying she was surrounded by coyotes. of course i freak out call kenny to come help her. well found out it was a prank which i did not find funny cause i was freaking out thinking she was in danger i didn't stop to think oh she got the dogs with her any of that. needless to say i was super pissed about it
anyways she brings it up today but she was talking about doing a night easter egg hunt with glow in the dark eggs and brings up the prank she pulled and goes "coyotes don't attack people i forgot you ain't as country as we are and wouldn't know that" 🙄 i grew up in the country my whole damn life and she has no room to talk just last year she sent a picture of a crawdad hole asking what it was. she is least country person i know but the remark just pissed me off


— She sounds dusty 😒

— BROOOOOOOO! You are my new best friend foEVA! I haven't heard someone call someone else dusty since the 90's and I'm HERE for it!! I get made fun of for sayin shit like this all the time! 🥰

— @leonardsquared 🤣🤗💕

— I'd be mad too, that sounds shitty! I can just HEAR the snark in her voice and practically SEE the eyeroll. 🤬 It'd be REAL hard not to waist tackle her ass and show her JUST how country I am. You held it together much better than I could girl!

— girl the woman irks my damn nerves sometimes she puts on this fake image around certain people to sound better than them or to fit in. annoys the shit out of me

— Reminds you not to ever worry about her ever again. There's literally an ancient fable about not crying wolf, moron. For a reason.

— oh i was livid after that she came in the house laughing and saying "mike (her husband) thought it was hilarious" so i busted out the bathroom cause i was having an anxiety attack and pissed and told her "i'm glad everyone thinks it's fucking funny because i didnt" i mean you don't joke about shit like that. i have high anxiety and skitz if someone tells me something like that i take it serious and automatically think the worse i don't think about the reality my brain goes into automatic freak out mode

— @beautiful_disaster completely agree.

— That was really immature of her. Then and now.

— true story of the boy who cried wolf except it's the MIL who cried coyotes 🙄

— @beautiful_disaster yep. And the daughter in law who never took her seriously ever again. The END.

— @jenx, one these days she really going to need help and she best not call me cause i ain't going to take her seriously. has nothing to do with who more country it's who got common sense to not pull stupid pranks that are life or death