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Was taking emma outside and a stranger came walking up into…

Was taking emma outside and a stranger came walking up into my backyard asking for money.. (this happens at least once a week) i nicely told him im sorry i dont have any money on me ..(which is true we do not keep cash on us and my husband takes the debit card to work with him) he then goes i have womens clothes in my bag they have all the tags on them i will sell them for money. I told him no thank you as im slowly walking back to get inside my house. You can tell something was off. He would not stop asking me to come near him to see the clothes. I hate where i live its so unsafe here i cant even be in my backyard with out people walking up and asking me for money. Now i would be happy to give you some bread and peanut butter but when i say i can give you that and you tell me no you dont like that then i know you dont want money for food or your not starving. I told him every sunday at 12 the church next to my house does a free food drive for anyone. And l got myself inside.


— I’d get yourself some pepper spray or a taser until your dog is big enough to protect you.

— Yeah thats what I'm thinking something to help since I'm home alot with my son

— Oh no, that's so scary!! Stay safe there girl! Maybe get yourself some mace spray or something to protect yourself in situations like that in case you can't get away.

— Oh my goodness girl! That's so scary! Is there anyway you could put a fence around the backyard?

— @heatherlou88 its his grandmothers home she passed but he took it over 12 years ago its definitely not a forever home we just havnt found a place we like yet to move and we found property in Michigan we would love to build on but talking to builders they are so far out because of supply delays. Im praying we can move soon. Our school system is very scary to they are always on lock down

— @mom2godzilla I gotcha! Hopefully y'all can find a place or build soon🙏 good luck girl!! Stay safe❤️

— @heatherlou88 thank you

— Ugh. I can't wait until she's grown up. Dogs are a huge deterrent for people. Especially when they're pushy like that, that's up to no good.

— I know I cant wait till she is bigger and can tell like something is dangerous and help make them go away. I don't want her to be mean but situations like that her barking and making attention to the situation is what I need.

— @mom2godzilla I totally understand. Our lab is a wonderful dog, but she will bark like the hounds of hell if you come anywhere near us or our yard. I've had people go completely around the block to avoid her at night because she sounds so mean. She's worth her weight in gold for so many reasons but security is right up there.

Even if Emma doesn't bark at strangers when she is bigger, just pull back on the leash like you're worried and say, "Be careful, she bites without warning!" And they will back up.

The way she follows kiddo around and sits on your lap, I think she will be a hit territorial though.

— @jenx that's awesome your lab is awesome. I think she will I just hope we can move houses have been so expensive compared to a year ago and even building to get the supplies is almost impossible. So we are stuck in a bad part of the city.