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I need help because I’ve got major anxiety 😥 TMI WARNING ⚠…

I need help because I’ve got major anxiety 😥 TMI WARNING ⚠️

In the shower this morning I could see and feel my IUD strings on the outside, I think it had moved so I decided just to give it a little pull and the whole thing came out within a few seconds. I wanted this thing out of me for so long but the way it’s happened has literally triggered the most horrible feeling of dread that something is going to happen to me and ultimately I’m going die. I did call the doctors just to talk to someone from the medical field for some reassurance but they said they will try and get back to me if a phone appointment becomes available. Anxiously waiting...


— I have no advice but hope you’re okay ❤️

— Thankyou hun. My own stupidity so only have myself to blame ! If I didn’t have anxiety I’d be ok xx

— You'll be fine. Peoples move/fall out without them been aware so deffo will be sound. Glad you've got some reassurance, I know id of been the same and they could of avoided it and done it themselves when you asked but im glad your ok! Your ment to spot afterwards anyway I think. Xxx

— @ezchaz aww jess I would be the same if i were in your shoes you've been traumatised!! How you feeling now!? Hope your all good xxx

— @tammyxx, still anxious but not half as bad as earlier. I was shaking like a leaf , I’m usually ok at managing anxiety but no today xxx

— @ezchaz anxiety is the worst 😫 glad u feel abit better, I've always had palpitations but lately I've been having it 10x worse than the usual but for no apparent reason. I ust t bit my nails as a kid and when I met Adam 8 years ago I stopped and I've took them off again expect I didnt bite them i picked at them🙈 its a twat!! Hope tomorrow's a better day for you 🙏xxx

— Take it easy, I’m sure everything will be okay! Have you got pains/are you bleeding? It does say online you can take them out yourself but that it’s best to let a medical professional do it. Hopefully the doctor will ring you just to give you that piece of mind! Or ring the clinic hun and I’m sure they’d offer advice to try not to panic xxxx

— @ezchaz, by the sounds of that everything seems okay and normal..your not excessively bleeding you’ve only had spotting and it’s normal to cramp after it being taken out?, maybe just try and relax and try not to think about it as such xxx

— @jessicab3, Thankyou 💕the doctor just called me and said I won’t die and why on earth do I think that 😬she said just monitor any bleeding over the next few days and it I am in severe pain to call back. It’s reassured me a bit xxx

— @ezchaz great you had a call back already xx