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I understand that the restrictions for the COVID are necess…

I understand that the restrictions for the COVID are necessary and for everyone’s safety and such but man they can make things difficult sometimes. I have my glucose test in March and I have absolutely no sitter. My daughter isn’t allowed inside. My test starts at 8am is supposed to be 3 hours and then I have an hour of free time before I have to go see my OB for results and such. There’s no way she can hangout in the car with my mom for that long. I would leave her at my moms but I can’t drive that far alone it triggers my panic attacks so my mom usually drives me. My husband can’t take off work because we can’t afford to lose that days pay. I have asked everybody that I trust and no one is available on that day. I’m not sure if I should reschedule or wait until it gets closer and see if someone’s schedule opens up. I am stressing so bad about this😅😅😅


— Are there any drop off daycares ? Like for a hr that’s what I do for dates and stuff since we don’t know anyone

— @jellybeans33, @lizibear84, @ekko, that’s an awesome idea! We live about 45 minutes from where I have to be but there are tons of places that I think will be open in that area that they could waste some time at! Ill look up some places for them.

— What will you do when you give birth??

— My plan for labor is if my water breaks or I start having contractions or something I will have my mom or dad drive me to my husbands work (it’s literally on the way) unless it’s a weekend and he isn’t at work lol and they are already planning to keep my daughter for me while I’m in the hospital anyways. I’m at my moms house every day so I will be with her if I go into labor. I was induced with my last and she’s was my first so I didn’t have any issues like this then

— @mamallama2317, ahh makes sense. Def sucks you can’t bring kids to appts. Even before covid, they wouldn’t let kids into anything that wasn’t a routine appt if they were unattended. I think you should just take her to your moms and do the drive. That would solve every issue! Anxiety sucks but overcoming it is very empowering and you don’t want to always have to rely on others, esp becoming a mom of 2 soon.

Like if you COULD bring her, you’d be doing the drive by yourself anyway. I think you can do it!

— If you’re going to be there for 4+ hours then maybe your mom can drop you off, go back home with your daughter, then come back and pick you up later?

— I was just about to suggest what @jellybeans33, said. Or maybe there are drop in daycares open you can do just 1 day, if you’re comfortable with that

— Could your mom come and take you, then take your daughter somewhere? Then she can come back and pick you up

— Not sure if any fun places are open where you live that they could waste a few hours