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Hi Mommas; I see many post of you ladies becoming a hoMe …

Hi Mommas;

I see many post of you ladies becoming a hoMe owner!!!!

For those of you who don’t mind sharing how much did you spend with lawyers, paper work, down payment? I just want to have a estimate .

My husband & I started to have conversation to find a home. At the moment we live in a small apartment in NY. My girls need more room & freedom. I’m feeling overwhelmed: scared just thinking of the financial responsibility & thinking what if something happens to one of us how are we going to keep up with the responsibilities of a home!


— Looks like you're going to get lots of good help from above posters, just here to wish you well on making your dreams come true!

— I'll message you.

— We just finished having a home built and we paid the lawyer $1200 to do the paperwork and the signing with us. When we bought a resale a few years ago we didn’t need a lawyer so it would depend on the situation. If you’re a first time home buyer they have programs that can help you with the closing fees. I would look into those first. It can give you a better idea of what they look for and cover. I’ve used VA loan with both homes. This particular home we had to pay 7k at closing because we weren’t FTM buyers, we were building a house and it’s what the state required.

— Why lawyer?
Depends for what type of loan you go for and if there’s programs that help with down payment or closing cost or is seller is helping with closing cost.
Typically first time home buyers go with FHA loans and down payment is 3.5 percent of purchase price and closing cost fees are about 3-6 percent of purchase price. Depending on type of loan, lender and the state you live in.
So it all depends on how much you qualify for and the price of the home you’re looking for and if you’re receiving any help, so amounts vary.
When my brother and I purchased a house couple years ago it was $305,000 we spent about $19,000

— @screenshot.queen, True, I looked it up. I see that some state might require it.

— @screenshot.queen Interesting! State law will dictate. My experience both personally and professionally regarding real estate is in Florida. Here we use a title company. 🙂

— @garay88 🙂