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Last night as i was putting our son to bed i got a call fro…

Last night as i was putting our son to bed i got a call from my neighbor she sounded weird ...she got her second covid dose yesterday and was so cold she was shaken. Her son called me which doesnt live that close and asked me to go check on her when i got to her house she was making no sense. I made her take her sugar and it was 29 it was so low. Battling with her to dri k her soda and to check her leveled every 20 minutes to make sure we had it going up was so hard i thought trying to handle a young child sick was hard nope she wins lol. Numbers are good today and thankfully i didnt have call 911 but wow she gave me a scare


— Your an amazing neighbor to help her

— Thank you I think of her as my own grandmother I see her more then my own

— @mom2godzilla, Aw ! So sweet

— The glucose gel is great but also cake icing in those squirt tubes work really good and quickly. Might speak with her son and see what supplies she has on hand. My son has glucagon which is an injection if he gets too low but he also has a nasal spray for low sugars. It’s very quick and effective. We haven’t had to use it yet but the doctor explained how much faster it works compared to anything else and his insurance covers all that.

— Thank you I will definitely reach out and get more info on what she has and buy what they could use to help her

— @mom2godzilla, is she type 1 or type 2? That’s something to find out because they are dealt with differently. My son is type 1 and he was diagnosed 6 years ago and honestly he shouldn’t even be alive because his numbers were extremely high! He set a record in 2 hospitals with his blood sugar numbers. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have

— @supermomof4 I will find out im not sure I just know her levels are always really low but I will get more info today from her son

— @scidg3 i will look into adding it my first add kit and getting some to keep at her house if her doctor says that's a good idea.

— Glucose gel or tabs as long as they don't have to chew would be better, you just squeeze it in their mouth. Surprised she was even functional to drink. She was lucky you were around yeaterday!

— I will look into those i will ask her son. She was struggling to keep the straw in her mouth she sounded so drunk and confused she def had me scared she has fallen a few times and her whole face was bruised

— She’s lucky to have such a kind person like you as a neighbor!

— Thank you she watchs my house all day we have been broken into before when I was pregnant and the guy threw me down I didn't know he was in my house and she has called the police when I was outside with my son and some guys in a truck wouldn't leave me alone. She makes me feel safe since we are both home all day. I talk to her more then my own grandparents.

— Very lucky under 50 they could pass out. My dad has given us scares on low sugar. At one point he had it as low as 15 an my mom thought he was dead. The paramedics gave him like a shot they give an it didn't work they ask my mom for pancake syrup to give him. Think that time paramedics knew us cuz we had to call them like 3 times in a week. Dr. Gave my dad wrong Insulin. Shes very lucky to have you.

— @mom2godzilla yes its scary an sad for her that she's alone. I was thinking of getting my dad a service dog that alerts when his sugar low but I know their expensive to buy. Plus my parents hate having dogs. When they have to take care of my sister dog when she went on vacation my mom hated it.🤭 hope it dont happen again anytime soon. She lucky she has u as a neighbor an looks out for her.

— @supergurl_82 thank you I know she doesn't want any pets I just wish her family would step up more

— @mom2godzilla yeah! I know. I see my parents that dont want pets. Hope her family steps up.

— Yeah ppl are idiots for getting that crap there just asking for it smfh

— As a diabetic myself and the shitty response here, I feel the need to really put this out there. Diabetes is actually one of the best reasons to go ahead and get vaccinated. Covid thickens the blood and that can be very dangerous to any kind of diabetic but especially a type 1. Covid could kill a diabetic just as fast as the person with respiratory issues. I also get relying on herd immunity as well because I do that when it comes to flu seasons due to my severe egg allergy. I respects people’s views but you can’t be a complete asshole when putting your views out there. There is that saying, if you can’t say anything nice done say anything at all. Maybe a lil practice is needed?

— @kush_queen420 why must you even comment on something if all your doing is being negative you didn't even have to respond to my post. We all get it you don't believe in covid and thats great for you but that doesn't mean others feel like you so why even comment I don't get the point

— @fairykarmamomma agree on this 100 percent everyone should do as they feel best for them not just be rude for no reason

— Thank God she didn't slip into a coma and you two were able to help her. That's so scary. The elderly can be SO difficult when it comes to get meds or food in them. She should do better today, any time a diabetic person has a vax, a cold, fever, it effects their blood sugars. :(

— @jenx I know and the places that would take her around here are not good places I wish she could go live with her son

— @mom2godzilla it is so hard for them to relinquish control. She needs a heated blanket to sit under! On one hand your heart goes out to her, trying to be independent and keep going, but on the other hand they are so stubborn!

I'm sure we'll be different, totally easy to reason with. NOT! :D

— @jenx yes she has a heated blanket thank goodness and I feel bad i get not wanting to leave your home but this past year she has given me plenty of scares I just want her to be safe

— Diabetes?
My MIL gets like this from time to time. It is awful. You almost need to shove any type of sugar in their mouth.
I didn’t understand the severity of it when I first got together with Brandon and she would go into spells. But now I’m able to pick up on it so easily. Christmas time my mom picked up on it and asked if she was alright, and I had overheard. Then I kept an ear out and started setting out dessert treats and got Brandon to bring her a plate. Once it’s too far gone - good luck.

You’re probably an angel in disguise, in their eyes. Being able to be there for her when she needed somebody the most. Good on you ♥️

— Yeah she has diabetes and yeah I had no idea how bad it got and how fast. Thankfully I kept her son on speaker phone and he walked me through what I need to look out for so u need to learn alot more about this since I am the contact for her since I'm right next door in case of emergency