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Got power on after 4 days sleeping in the cold and dark su…

Got power on after 4 days sleeping in the cold and dark sucked 25 degrees in the house everynight thank god we had alot of blankets.. Hotels were price gouging like crazy.. but unfortunately now no water service now... no food anywhere, no pampers, lines 4 hour waits to get into the store.. Amazon not delivering. Fastfood service out. Only people working are nurses etc, everything closes 5. One more round of snow coming tonight. Hopefully everything goes back to normal... The things we take for granted like electricty etc.. Sucks when its gone... https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0YeAa4XE?share_id=eyJ1c2VyaWQiOjk0MDE1NDY1LCJkb2NfaWQiOiIwWWVBYTRYRSIsInRpbWVzdGFtcCI6MTYxMzYwOTE4MjIzN30=&share_destination_id=OTQwMTU0NjUtMTYxMzYwOTE4NzIzNA==&s=a7&pd=06MTiTeu&hl=en_US


— If you guys need to go to a hotel I just saw a post from David henrie on Instagram he says he is willing to pay for a hotel to any moms with children you can contact him on Instagram messaging. 🙏🏼❤️

— Praying for you!!!

— Yeah there doin this shit on purpose girl it’s fucked up all they cared about is there dam game

— I'm so sorry to hear what's been happening. Happy to hear you are okay though. Thinking of you and praying you all stay safe over the last round of snow. ❤

— I'm about an hour away from you!
We also don't have any water and our power has been on for over a couple hours now-longest time since this all started
I have to go to the store tomorrow. I'm praying for this to all go back to normal soon🥺

— Stay strong mamaa ❤️❤️

— Thank you😘💕💕

— This so sad what's happening. I'm glad you are okay

— Awww your first time being nice today

— Thank you 💓💓

— @og.horror.mom F you LOL

— I am so happy to see you update!! I'm so sorry what you've been through! We haven't lost electricity yet but there's no food anywhere and amazon isn't delivering and restaurants are closed. We have another night of this snow too!! Hopefully we don't lose power tonight. Praying for you guys B🙏❤️ love you girl!!

— @smile-your-beautiful we do! We also have a gas stove/oven and a gas heater in our back den if it came down to it. Also a small indoor propane heater. We should be alright. Just hoping it doesn't come to that.

— @heatherlou88 wish we had gas at this point of time💓💓

— @smile-your-beautiful yeah, it will definitely come in handy.