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Ladies, honest opinions, please: Dd is in a preschool clas…

Ladies, honest opinions, please:

Dd is in a preschool class with her younger sister. A VPK seat became available. We chose to accept. Today is day 1. Director asked me if I want her to go all week or stay with the three days she currently goes. Current schedule paid for is Mon-Wed 0700-1800(before and after care included, actual class time 0900-1200).
I called dh to tell him that I would like to pay the extra $20 for her to go on Thurs and Fri for the Vpk program from 0900-1200 and just switch her late pick up on Mon to Thurs bc I go to a Mommy and Me group on Thurs and could still take my little dd for some one on one time and then on Mon's older dd would have quality time with me before i have to go back to pick up dd2. I would still have Mon mornings, all day Tues and Wed for my personal needs, chores, shopping, etc and dd1 would be out of class early enough for her dr appts on Fridays. Apparently he thinks I'm being too complicated... Your thoughts???


— How old is the preschooler? I think 3 days is good for younger kids if they’re just starting out. I started my daughter with 3 days when she was 2. But my son goes 5 days and he started at the same age. I work 30 hours a week and have no other sitter so I didn’t have a choice. He adapted really well and it’s good to have a nice consistent routine. He goes from 9am-3pm. When my daughter was doing 3 days they weren’t in a row and I could tell it was a hard schedule for her because it was too jumbled up.

— My youngest is 2(will be 3 in May and is already in a 3/4 yo class) and the oldest just turned five last week. The oldest starts Kindergarten in August and due to Covid we chose not to send her to preschool last year. Just started her in January. Both girls(until yesterday) had been in the same class which is a year behind where she needs to be. The VPK seat opened up and we accepted. Currently they are there Monday- Wednesday and the VPK is five days. Due to Covid and Dr appts(the girls are not permitted to go with me) I pay for before and after school care so those three days are long days as needed and then they are home Thursday through Sunday with me. If she goes Monday through Friday Monday would be a short day Friday would be a short day and her three long days would be Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday so that she could have time with me on Monday while her sister then gets time with me on Thursday just until May and then during the summer we would have a different schedule which would be more part-time but this current crazy schedule would allow me to have quality time with each of my girls in preparation for the baby's arrival in August. ( Sorry for lack of punctuation, used voice to text).

— @xryztalroze, I think the schedule you described would be fine because the long days are all in a row. Kids are pretty adaptable so I’m sure it’ll work out

— It sounds like a complicated schedule for the kids but if it works for you then go for it. I would just put her in for the days that she will end up being there and let her adjust accordingly. Kids are pretty resilient and it's kind of counterintuitive to let her get used to one schedule and then put her in full time if you're planning on doing the full time anyway.

— I'm thinking that as hectic as a schedule would be it would allow me to have individual time with each of my girls as I'm preparing for their new siblings arrival in August but I'm certainly considering everyone's opinion here and truly appreciate it because it helps give me perspective so that I can make the best decision for my girls, thank you!

— I’d send them all day lol screw all that 😂 I did

— This answer made me laugh!!! Lol. 🤣🤣🤣

— I would DEF at least start with only the 3 days, the same schedule she already had and see how she does before I enrolled and paid for full time. It's an entirely new place with new people. That's going to be a HUGE enough adjustment for her alone. I'd take it slow at first.

This is only my opinion/experience though. 🤷‍♀️ My kiddo didn't go to daycare, mother's day out or any of that stuff so starting in the school environment was a MAJOR adjustment for us. You may have the benefit of her having already gone and it not bein SO hard on her.

— Thank you! Perhaps I should do that. I will certainly consider it. She just started to school in January with sister so it has been an adjustment for all of us!!! Thurs and Fri would only be 3 hours each if I send her all week. She starts kindergarten in August so I want to spend as much time as possible with her but was hoping to get some one on one time with her an her sister separately before the baby arrives and they are both in a real school with full time attendance. My little dd will be 3 in May and also enrolled in school starting August at the same place big sister will be going. I'm so torn!!!!