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I miss this app when Mom’s used to be either supportive, or…

I miss this app when Mom’s used to be either supportive, or moved on. No two people are the same, no two situations are the same. Nobody knows why or how one situation effects another person. So instead of making someone feel stupid or less than, why not just go on about your day or be there in a supportive manner? I am so thankful for the supportive Momma’s here! I may have had 3 full term births but I have lost. I am cautious. I do have questions about things cause things change all the time. I’ve scrolled past so many things because I was raised if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s all.


— I agree! Well said.

— Idk if this is to your dressing post but I was actually curious. I have never heard of that and actually looked it up cause I lived off it in my second pregnancy and had no idea! They said something about the egg but less commonly found in store bought, maybe homemade depending how they do it. I honestly didn't even know egg was an ingredient.

— Not only that one but it’s happened quite frequently to others as well. I didn’t know egg was until my last either! I just had a genuine question cause I usually buy the same brands lol.

— @lum0s most states require things to be pasteurized. More than likely you should be fine. It's wild about foods tho!

— Thank you for being kind in your approach to speaking the truth. I've seen many of these posts lately that are even worse than the last and I have not commented. I comment here because the respect you show in your wording goes a long way with me. I hate confrontation and back out almost always but when it comes to kindness, I am all in!!!

— I tried to be kind because I’m the same and do not like confrontation. I just don’t appreciate being/seeing judgement or people being treated differently over something that’s not a big deal. I understand if someone said something disrespectful then you absolutely stand up for that though. Thank you for being so kind as well! ☺️

— @lum0s 🥰🥰🥰 We need more kindness in this world. More light and less darkness. Hugs mama! Whatever caused you to write this today I hope it's nothing that will linger and that tomorrow will bring better tides!!!