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Great found a mouse under the kitchen sink dead. I knew I s…

Great found a mouse under the kitchen sink dead. I knew I smelt one last week but the smell went away. I’m REALLY hoping it was from our outdoor cat just dropping one inside and it hid to die. I’m not even sure how it got under the sink since it clicks shut too. She’s in the house daily and I’ve never seen her catch one. She’s a big hunter too. Ever since they cut trees down beside us she catches 4+ a dang day. Haven’t seen any droppings. Mice and rats give me friggen anxiety! Mopped and steamed 6 times under everything. 😅


— I always keep a few traps set. We have a big old house and they live to wander in.

— When I lived in Louisville I remember hearing them under the stove so I set 2 traps. Both under the sink. My husband caught 22 fucking mice in ONE DAY. He enjoyed catching them but I hated even sleeping in that house. It was an old building so I’m assuming that’s how we got them and we also had tons of trees behind it.

— I'm having issues with mice for 3 months. We have bated, trapped, and trapped but we kept seeing droppings. We hired professionals but we haven't caught any at all. The professional said it had to be 1 or 2.

— You can always have a company come out and spray outside, that's what we do I haven't dealt with mice not even spider's in my house but hopefully that was the last one!

— I hate mice. I make my own traps.

— How?

— @screenshot.queen I cut cardboard paper into squares (old amazon boxes) and I purchase this can of Rat Glue from eBay. It's a mess and extremely sticky but worth it. I just use a butter knife to smear it on the cardboard. It's so sticky. If a mouse puts a nail on there, ITS SCREWED! Never getting off!

— I've had a few in my house. I got these resusable ones

— Put a trap under there. Mice happen sometimes, its no big deal.