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If your man wanted a dna test would you be okay with that? …

If your man wanted a dna test would you be okay with that? Had this convo with a friend and she’s getting mad her man wants one..

I don’t see the problem with it if I was a man I would want one too just incase 🤷‍♀️


— Personally yes I would be. I’m extremely loyal and have never cheated and would never. So to me asking for a DNA test insinuates that they think you cheated and would let him raise someone else’s baby. But if I was sexually active with other people or only together for a short time I could see why he’d ask for one.

— When we had my son we were not married so if he wanted it then yes please get one but since we are married now if he asked I would be pissed

— Even Maury would laugh at his ass and say REALLY bro?? 🙄

— Lmao!! Good ole Maury

— Considering my child looks like my husband birthed him all by himself...yeah, I'd be PISSED!

— Depends on the situation and relationship. If my husband asked for one - yeah, I’d be pissed. If we hadn’t been together very long then that’d be different.

— Personally i think they should be Mandatory at birth. Alot of men get lied to and caught paying child support for children that aren’t even theirs . So if She is certain he’s the dad i dnt see the issue with just confirming that.

— Agreeed!!!

— @brenduhhh, i love watching paternity court and these women always be 1,000 percent sure until the results say otherwise 🤣 then all of a sudden they remember who the baby daddy is 😭

— @q_dgaf, lmao yesss that’s always the best

— Establishing paternity is really important if the couple isn’t married. Some states make you get a paternity test, other places allow you to sign an acknowledgment of paternity when the baby is born.. if anyone has serious concerns, I feel like either parent should be able to get one without the other parent’s permission, as long as whoever is requesting it pays for it.

— @momgroupreject, interesting. Me and hubs aren’t married yet (I just hate the word fiancé) and they just handed me the birth certificate to sign lol.

— @sourpatchkid i think it depends on the state?? They won’t let him sign it without signing the first thing in CA.

— @sourpatchkid
I wasn't married when I had Aubrey.
My husband had to sign an aknowledgment of paternity to get on the birth certificate...
If you're under 18 paternity test is the only way how.

KY does the paper or paternity test as well if you aren't married

— If he’s paying idc. Lol

— Personally yeah iv never been a cheater never givin any reason my phones out and sitting around, i don't go anywhere we been together for like 8 years, so I'd be a little pissed/hurt

— I guess it depends on the situation. Like if he had a reason to wonder or be suspicious then I think I'd be fine with it. Otherwise, if it were out of the blue with no reasoning behind it then I'd be pissed

— If he has a reason to want one, like shes cheated in the past or they havent been together that long or they arent actually together just the occasional sex, I'd want one too. Lol

But! If they are married and there is no legit reason other than his own paranoia causing it, I'd be pissed and leave.

Ex- i couldnt be mad when my now MIL asked my DH when he told her i was pregnant with our first and her reaction was "are you sure its yours?" We had only been together 3 months. 😳😏😂

— I think it would depend. If we were dating 3+ years I'd be annoyed with it.

— I don’t see a problem with it either

— Depends honestly. If he were to ask for one now yeah I’d be highly offended. But if we just started dating or weren’t quite serious then no I wouldn’t be.

— If we weren’t like locked down married, I wouldn’t mind.

But id be offended if my husband would ask me for one.