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So two weeks before Christmas my husband asked his mom and …

So two weeks before Christmas my husband asked his mom and sister and I asked my mom to send us stuff to make posole for Christmas. My mom did just that and sent toys and clothes for my son, shirts for my husband and perfumes for myself... my husband’s mom and sister sent the stuff to make posole, candy for my husband and clothes, two pairs of shoes and a body wash in the shape of a car for my son but of course none of it fit him. Just now I opened the bottle of body wash and it was stronger than my perfumes 😪 He has severe eczema that flairs up bad with anything that has fragrance.........which I thought everyone knew. I don’t know why I still get surprised when they show how little they even know my son.


— A lot of people don’t realize people with eczema can’t use normal body washes. My 9 year old has had eczema since birth, she got bath bombs and a diy soap kit from my mom who knows everything about my kids. My mom just didn’t think when she saw the bath bombs and soap that my daughter wouldn’t be able to use.

— Yes, it is difficult for people to understand, and it's not always carelessness that causes the bad choice in gifts. It's often a lack of really knowing how to choose a better one coupled with the desire to simply give a gift, any gift. I hope your daughter grows out of hers but if not, I hope she will soon be able to explain it with strength and pride in herself.

— @xryztalroze, thank you mama, my daughter thankfully totally understands her skin and eczema and is not self conscious of it all, she loves to make other kids with eczema not feel alone or insecure. She has to bring her own soap for hand washing to school because the school soap gives her eczema on her hands so I’m very thankful she has no issues explaining her eczema to others.

— @mimixtmn Sounds like an amazing little girl with a great mama who stands beside her. Keep up the great job!!! 🥰

— Mama, I know it's hard, but it's the thought that counts. Empty the bottle, clean it really well, and hopefully it will come clean enough that you can refill it with soap that is fit for him. It will still be a nice treat and just remember, that when someone disappoints you about your baby, know he has everything he needs right there in his own home, and from you and dh. You've got this. We are completely on our own. We know what it is to want someone to care and get to know our children but the reality is noone else matters right now, just your little family that you're growing. Every one else is just extra. They don't diminish what you have and are building. Hugs!