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Aniela is on laxatives for a month. Shes been given lactulo…

Aniela is on laxatives for a month. Shes been given lactulose and movicol. We are to give the lactulose for 2-3 days and if there is no improvement then to move on to the movicol.

To get to the point, we are on day three of lactulose (dose 5 will be this eve). Shes pooped twice since the first dose, but they are still really hard and dont seem to be softening up? Im unsure of what to do and my doctors aren't answering the phone. I dont know whether to give it another couple of days to see if they soften before moving on to the movicol, or whether to switch tomorrow.

There is improvement as she is now having bowel movements (still waiting on todays) but its not softening them up as the doctor said it would?😣


— My LO woke up at night constantly with lactose then the doc said "oh yes he will, the medicine draws all their fluid to the bowel so he will get very thirsty especially at night" so I'd advise maybe more water to drink. My LO suffered constipation BIG TIME he didnt poo for almost the first 3 months of being alive, we tried prune juice and prune Ella's kitchen, lots if busy movement and belly massages

— She is exclusively breastfed, we are also giving her water with meals as advised :)

— Lactulose will only make any difference if you drink a lot once you’ve taken it. It works by drawing water into the bowel to soften the poop x

— She's drinking a fair bit of water, but it's usually before her afternoon dose. I'll give her some extra after each dose. Thanks for that :)

— @single_mama_ thank you for the insight. She's fine unless laying on her back. I'll try the doctor again tomorrow :) x

@ezchaz I'll definitely ask if I'm OK to do that! I don't really want her to be on a stronger laxative if it's going to hurt her little tummy, especially if she'll be OK on the weaker on after a good clear out xx

— I'd probably give the lactulose a couple days as there has been some improvement, then movicol. I don't know if its changed but I was told with movicol you have to drink the whole lot to be effective and I think its gotta be mixed with a fair amount of water, was just thinking about her age if she would manage that. But this was like 3 years ago could've changed by now!

— No, it's still a large amount of water per sachet. The doctor did say her would have just given us movicol as he doesn't think lactulose will work for her, but he will not take a bottle. So I've been offering her a small amount of breast milk in a bottle for the past couple of days, just invade I have to resort to the movicol :) I'll stick the lactulose out for a couple more days, it's coming out, it's just still hurting her 😣 x

— @theodoresmammy aww no its not nice. I also think I read on the packet you can make it up and store in the fridge, so maybe could try gradually during the day if it comes to that. Both mine have suffered with constipation, my oldest is still at the point of he won't poop until at home, so he'll hold it all day at school then first thing we he gets in he'll go to the loo. My youngest wasn't/isn't as bad but he has very dry rabbit dropping like poop but it doesn't hurt and he's regular so I guess that's just him.

— ^ use that for a couple days just so it can loosen her up where she's been constipated for a while then once everything is moving along consistently for a couple days leave her on just the lactulose xx

— Still with the lactulose as there has been improvement. They may still be hard stools because shes been really constipated but now shes having some movement as an adult the movicol hurts my tummy I have cramps with it and it's not pleasant at all, so I'd hang in there...is she upset? Or in any discomfort when shes done a poo? Because if shes not I wouldn't worry to much and try doctors again tomorrow x

— Id move on to the Movicol xx