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I'm trying to get counseling from my church because I find …

I'm trying to get counseling from my church because I find myself venting tmi to people because I have no one to talk to. My church keeps playing phone tag with me. They didn't answer the phone right away, then left me a voicemail saying they'll contact me Monday because they'll be busy doing a food drive. The devil wants me to be discouraged and just give up but I won't. I really need some type of therapy before I start talking to walls. I vent to God but I need Him to speak through His people. Someone with no judgement.


— 2 Cor 4:8-10

— Thank you my love. I read it. Very comforting verse 🥰

— @chocolatechild You're welcome. I'm glad it gave you comfort and hope as you go throw gh your storm you'll reread it often, getting a new message from it, as I have in my times of need. I certainly pray that whatever is troubling you today will soon be behind you, in Christ name, may it be true!!

— Good luck! Go on and you will get this help 💖

— Thanks so much

— I don't judge, but I do offer unsolicited advice 😂 you can pm me if you feel like venting. I'll keep my thoughts to myself

— Hahaha 😂😂😂 well I guess with understanding comes less judgement. With unsolicited advice, comes timing. I remember being honest with a friend who begged for my honesty and she went off on me 😂😂😂 so I'm like bye girl talk to you when u come to your senses haha. Some people just want to be told what they want to hear. Sometimes I need to hear what I've been thinking all along or from perspectives I haven't thought of

— @chocolatechild yeah, I've definitely learned to keep my comments to myself, even if I think they'd be helpful, but if I'm asked to be honest... smh, prep yourself 😂

— @mujerstillregal yeah we're all different. Some just sensitive about their situations

— Keep pushing, hon. That's the hardest thing people don't realize who are outside looking in, it can be hard to get help when you need it. Don't let the devil win. <3

— @chocolatechild I'm always here, hon, but I know that isn't the same as talking to someone in your church and someone close by. It's okay to get tired and take a break, but don't stop pushing.

— @jenx amen to that verse. Thank you so much I appreciate it. I'll keep you in mind

— I agree with every word!☀️