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For the last week I have not gotten any good sleep and it’s…

For the last week I have not gotten any good sleep and it’s now hitting me like a truck. I have trouble falling asleep and then it feels like every 30 mins I’m waking up and tossing and turning to go back to sleep and then I’m right back up somewhere between 6-8. I feel exhausted. I’ve tried warm baths, yoga, listening to calming music before bed, different positions, and turning off the night light because I sleep better in a really dark room. I don’t know what else to try other than medication and I HATE taking medication 😭


— You need it.. Take some meds and get some rest!! Sleep Deprivation and you being pregnant won't be good for your health Girl. Always take good care of yourself

— Thank you! I think I’m gonna pick some up today and hopefully get a good nights sleep tonight 🤞🏻

— @mamallama2317 hello and how are you doing today?

— @rissblackwell0, I’m doing good! How are you?

— I BELIEVE unisom is safe to take while pregnant. If ya need help gettin to sleep, ya need help, no biggie. Take some meds and get some rest girl. Sleep deprivation on top of bein pregnant won't be good for you Mama! Take care of YOU!

— @mamallama2317 I TOTALLY understand your anxiety BUT, you still gotta take care of you girl. If Mama ain't happy, baby can't be happy. As long as you don't take them all day, everyday of your pregnancy you'll be fine girl. Get some sleep girl! 😘

— @leonardsquared, thank you! I think I’ll pick some up today 🥰

— @mamallama2317 Yes ma'am! I HOPE you get some sleep tonight!! 🤞