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Does anyone know anything about vbucks and can help me out?…

Does anyone know anything about vbucks and can help me out? I can’t find no gift cards for it can I buy him a visa gift card and would he be able to use it for fortnite?


— 7$=1000 vb
20$=2800 vb
31$=5000 vb
79$=13,500 vb

— Yes you can do it that way too 🌻😊

— The dollar General has them

— Walmart has the Nintendo gift shop cards for the vbucks on the switch. My son plays fortnite on the PlayStation and with it you can use a debit card or the prepaid cards

— Awesome it’s been a headache looking for this every where is sold out I thought my mom had gotten it and she thought I had gotten it 😫 I found the prepaid visa things so I wasn’t sure how it worked thank you ☺️

— @brenduhhh, oh I know how that goes lol and my son only cares about that stupid game but he doesn’t usually play on the switch

— Yeah just go on the PlayStation store and purchase them with a prepaid Visa card that u can get at the grocery store

— They make Fortnite gift cards. Grocery stores have them and Target. Pretty sure wal mart does too.

— Yes I no but they are all sold out 😫😭 I’ve tried 10 different places and none have it in stock.

— You would get the console gift card and they could use those points for fortnite

— @madrex2, perfect thanks I just didn’t want to put my actual cards on file dont trust that with him😅

— @brenduhhh, lmfao yes don’t ! My daughter bought a whole bunch of stuff one time and was like I didn’t know it was your card 🤣🤣🤣 like whose card would it be

— @madrex2, exactly my point lmao I would die I couldn’t even imagine 😩😭