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Morning my lovelies on this #gobbletillyouwobble Saturday l…

Morning my lovelies on this #gobbletillyouwobble Saturday let’s start off with three things your grateful for. I’m not talking your typical “my family, my house” no turkeys no I want the real answers. Like today I’m grateful I have trulys in my fridge. That I get to craft while my babies sleep and there will be baking in this house this am. You know all the joys in life. So I wanna hear what you lovelies have to be thankful for


— I am thankful for
-My children who are really wonderful with how they’re taking the whole virtual school/quarantine stuff that was thrown at them back in March

-My husband who is such a hard worker and is always there for us

-My work at home job so me and the kids are able to be home 99% of the time

— I am thankful for having a nice bed to sleep in every night. Thankful to be able to give my kids things I didn’t have growing up. Thankful for sweet tea 😂

— @minionmommy3, but why is there alcohol in it

— @mommiesgoneabitmad, lol no I hate alcohol 🤣🤣

— @minionmommy3, I mean I get it. My husband does too

— Thankful for:
•My husband taking out my hair this morning. I had buns in for a couple of days.
•sending him off to work with 2 home cooked meals- this hasn't happened in awhile- he's working 16 hours today.
•my 2 littles are still asleep so I get to just hang out with my older girls. They are being lame and don't want to cuddle but it's fine I'll cry later 😅 at least they want to sit next to me 🙃

— Don’t you feel like a boss when you make them lunch?!?

I mean we can cry together my oldest is over all the cuddles

— I’m thankful for

Getting to sleep in today

My cup of coffee

Waking up to my littles faces everyday ❤️

— Sleeping in is something to celebrate

— Thankful for:
-getting to sleep in until 8 am today!!

-time to be able to clean my house

-having cuddles with my sweet boy right at this moment! ❤️

-having our small Thanksgiving feast already planned and purchased

-seeing my dad last night in my driveway for socially-distanced catching up with each other time ❤️

— Stop 8 that’s amazing

I love sweet boy cuddles they truly make the world go round.

That’s the best!!!!!!!

Ahh so sweet I love it I haven’t seen tim (my dad) in months due to Covid

— Love, love, love these. :)

— I am grateful for hot coffee and a husband who never comments on how much I drink or how I get like an agitated squirrel when I do. I'm grateful my daughter is old enough to help me make Thanksgiving dinner even if it will actually be more work for me. I'm grateful and thankful for pretty Christmas lights, having our needs met, and cozy moments.

— That’s the best let us drink and squirrel away lol
Ahhh I can’t wait to see pics of what you ladies make!! I wanna see the lights

— @scream.queen, I want your three things

— I’m grateful that I was able to have the labor and delivery story that I always dreamed about ! My 2nd daughter made my wishes come true

— @mommiesgoneabitmad, thank . I had gd again with my first I had to be induced with my 2nd was told I was going to have to be induced again . Well this little lady was born on her induction day but she came On her own . Contractions starts at 9 am . She was born at 11.16 pm all natural I was hoping to try n give birth without an epidural like I had with my first. My birth experiences were so different and I’m forever grateful now that chapter of my life is complete

— @alishap1212, that’s amazing!!!! Did you do anything with your placenta?

— @mommiesgoneabitmad, no I didn’t do you do anything with yours ?