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Okay, so I didn't think very well at all today, should I ca…

Okay, so I didn't think very well at all today, should I call and get a note fom my dr for work, I'm supposed to be working Thanksgiving, but because of issues I was having with breathing,I went in to the Dr. Today and they did a chest xray, and it turns out I have pneumonia. I know we wear masks, but I have a tough time breathing right now and a mask especially the n95 ones make it even harder for me to breathe. what would you do?
They gave me antibiotics, some other steroid kind, along with an inhaler....

No rude comments are needed.


— Prayers that you feel better soon. Definitely get doctors certification and stay home, get your rest, and celebrate Thanksgiving I'm a week or so... Nothing is worth the risk! Pneumonia can become very serious and needs your strict compliance with doctor's orders.

— Yeah I agree with the other comments. You need rest and to get better!!

— You need to rest with pneumonia or it just progresses. I hope you get better soon!

— Yes call and get a doctors note!

— Girl I would get a note. I would not go into work with pneumonia!

— Yes get a note. You need to rest!!

— I’m confused what the other option would be besides getting a doctors note? Do you want to work thanksgiving??? I don’t get your dilemma here.

— @mybabybear no not really, I just feel bad, because I'm already on the schedule. (I'm not thinking 100% atm, as you can tell lol)

— @breezy81516, uh okay. Well get a doctors note. This can get pretty serious.

— @mybabybear i honestly didn't think when i posted this lol, thanks for pointing it out lol..my.mind is all over the place.