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I need advice if anyone has any. Yesterday I accidentally…

I need advice if anyone has any.

Yesterday I accidentally poked myself in the eye with a tree branch. It hurt all day yesterday but I tried to just leave it alone. I rinsed it out with water and eye drops a few times. This morning I woke up and it’s really red and swollen. Especially my top eyelid. I can barely even open my eye. A friend of mine says I need to go to an eye dr and get antibiotic drops but I can’t really afford that right now.

So is this something that should really be done or will it be ok if I don’t? I can’t recall ever hurting my eye or anyone I know so I have no idea what you are supposed to do.


— Your vision is important. You need to be seen.

— I would definitely go in. Your eye isn’t anything to want to take chances with!!

— I'd schedule an appointment and put a warm compress on it in the meantime, but given it was on the eyeball/inside the top eyelid, it's too risky to just wait it out.

— I would go in.

— I've seen eye injury's that lead to partial blindness. An eye doctor may refer you to a Retina Specialist and they are expensive but a regular opthalmologist will be able to look and see if you've scratched anything important. Did the branch hit your eyeball itself or just the eyelid??

— It felt like my actual eyeball itself. I snapped a branch just as the wind picked up and it just happened so fast I couldn’t react

— @supermomof4 ok, can you tell if it hit in the white or the color part? Either way, you probably do need an antibiotic drop.

— If it’s the outside of the eyelid that’s the problem I’d consider waiting it out a little bit if you really can’t go in but if it’s the eyeball that’s a different story. I would not mess around with waiting if that’s the case. It is totally possible that you scratched your eye and nothing can be done but wait, but I don’t mess around with eyes/vision etc

— That’s what worries me is my eye is a serious part of me. I have never felt so much pain from my dang eye before

— @supermomof4, I’d have it checked

— If there's no pus or blood or itchy I would wait it out. Your eyelid is swollen because you most likely scratched it with the branch, so it's just going through the healing process. It's the outside of your eyelid that swollen right?

— Omg it’s sooo itchy!! But it’s the inside of my top eyelid that’s sore and red looking and the outside is red and puffy as well

— @supermomof4 oh. The itchiness would make me go in, just to be on the safe side. Since the inside of the lid is affected, I'd go in too. It could really be nothing and be something you could wait out, but it would give me peace if mind to be sure

— Are you sure you don't have any debris stuck in your eye? You may have cut your eye. I would definitely get an antibiotic to play it safe. Could you call and ask their opinion?

— I’m not sure if there’s anything in it or not. It felt like there was yesterday but I couldn’t get it flushed out and I didn’t want to mess with it too much. Today it doesn’t feel like somethings in there anymore but it’s so swollen I can’t hardly tell

— @supermomof4, I would still get it looked at.

— U might want to give it another day if you made any small scratch or any small type of trauma to the eye it can take a little bit to heal so the swelling would be normal! Try ice today and just leave it be if not ANY better by tomorrow I would look into getting it checked out.