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Let's talk #festivefriday my darlings! I'm curious if anyon…

Let's talk #festivefriday my darlings! I'm curious if anyone would be interested in participating in this just for fun type of festive friday posts, I'm gonna post 2 ideas below, each is slightly different than the other, comment 1 or 2 based on which one you like or would be interested in participating, if both, awesome! If you dont think this is good idea and feel it would cause a problem on the app, please explain that to me as well. 😊❤

1- Rate our Christmas trees! If you wanted too, you could PM me your personal trees and I would post them anonymously and allow others on this app to rate them.

2- guess whose Christmas tree! Again, you would send me your personal tree, I'd post your tree and give the ladies 3 names of users on here (only the ones that participate) and they would guess!

Both games would be for fun. You wouldn't win anything! Also, I wouldn't allow any negativity on these posts if I do this. Those comments would be deleted, you also especially in the rate one, would have to be fully okay with not getting the answer you want, meaning freaking out on a user who rated your tree a 2.

Also, please dont send me your trees after reading this, lol! If I do them or one I'll be waiting I'll December when everyone has their trees up.

Okay, let's hear it!


— I love this! Maybe you could do both! Or combine them. Like first place second and third and guesses on who's tree it is and then you do a big reveal at the end of the day.

— I love seeing everyone's Christmas trees so I like this idea!

— I’m in!

— I like both ideas!!

— I think this is pretty tight and super festive. I'm totally down👍🎄

— I like the ideas if participant, I do agree though as long as no one is getting crazy you don’t like their tree 🤣

— Love it. I like seeing all the unique trees

— I think that’s a great idea .. as long as people aren’t getting salty about the user that rated their tree a 2 lol

— Yep. That's the only thing I'm worried about, that's why I thought I'd ask for people's input first before going for it. I dont want it too cause issues between people and TBH, I could see that happening because there is alot of ladies on this app that aren't sensitive but look for a reason to bitch someone out..

— @xbeautifullyxbrokenx, exactly but if u participate u know what ur getting urself into so U should have no reason to bitch if someone doesn’t rate it what u expect them to