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Trying to figure out what else to get the boys for Christma…

Trying to figure out what else to get the boys for Christmas I feel bad they won’t get a lot a lot here but I know they will get a lot at there dads grandma goes all out for them always. Soo I kinda feel bad... I got them slippers today I plan on getting them some paw patrol dvds next week I’ve gotten them a few toys since July for Christmas I don’t even remember what.. but I can’t really go all out financially wise, and living with people it hard with no space. I was gonna get them some pjs or clothes but they have enough I don’t want anymore clothes so maybe a robe. Kaysen keeps asking for one lol and hopefully a few more small toys or I’ll get them each a more expensive thing like a tablet or something idk rant over 😅🤷‍♀️


— I just went to 5 Below today and they had all kinds of different things for kids. Maybe board games or some play doh.

— That’s a good idea I forgot about that place!!

— Yes! They had a TON of stuff still. I got my niece and daughter a gingerbread set. And some little toys and games. They haven't been cleaned out yet I think because black Friday hasn't happened.

— @massgirl, true! I’ll go there to get the stocking stuff atleast! ☺️

— Maybe do some fun things throughout the season. Memories are better than gifts in the long run!

— Agree

— @madmummy. I mean at home girl! Gingerbread house make the house before! Lol I'm doing a countdown chain with them. Read Christmas books, crafts..... ton of stuff at home! I was against elf on the shelf but guess what I'm doing this year! 🤣

— @madmummy., make snowflakes with paper and hang them around the house/ gingerbread house/ fake snow you can find for cheap to build a snowman. Stuff like that.

— Get one great gift! Instead of focusing on “how many” they should get.

— See this is what I was thinking just get them each one big gift each and not worry about it

— @madmummy., they would
Love it. Kids are not too worried about how many.

— @icebergahead, thank you