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I see a lot of people older than me or just waiting for mar…

I see a lot of people older than me or just waiting for marriage to have kids are admitting they want a child right away now because they feel as if they're getting old.


— A lot of people are having children later. Being older with a toddler is, smh, lol

— Yes seriously. The times u need freedom, you're stuck at home with tantrums and big messes 😩 I had a phase where I wanted kids as a young adult because I felt I would be in that situation. I was doubting marriage and still not married but glad I got my baby

— @chocolatechild lol. For me it's not even any of that. It's the constant need for attention 🤯 these are some needy little humans 🤣 I was not prepared, lol. Sometimes I just wanna be alone and in silence. Used to be no one would know if we're home or not, now everyone knows we're home, lol

— @mujerstillregal honestly no matter how prepared we are, we can't be prepared enough with kids because you never know how they'll be or what type of needs you'll have to meet. Haha yes I know patience is like containing your sanity

— How old are you

— @jordanalison let's just say the women who want kids now are in their mid 30s and sometimes it's a health condition that holds them back from having kids 😥

— @chocolatechild, I’m 35 and sometimes I feel like I just need to go ahead and start trying for my next bby. because I’m kind of getting old.

— @jordanalison yeah that's one thing about us women, once we start aging... It's harder for us to have baby's unlike these men. That's why I hope to adopt one day because I doubt I'll get married within the next few years. I'm ready for a baby boy!