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Alright! Let's here it ladies! #horrificsaturday Topic- t…

Alright! Let's here it ladies! #horrificsaturday

Topic- the nightmare before Christmas.

Is it, in your opinion, a halloween movie OR a Christmas movie or is it both??

IMO; I'm honestly I've always been on the fence about this. I'd say both, but I find I like it better as a christmas movie.

Your turn!


— All year! 🖤 but generally Halloween.

— Im not sure. It looks like a Halloween movie but with a Christmas themed message. If I had to choose Id view it as a Halloween movie ONLY because Tim Burton movies are Halloween movies.. that’s his arena... Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, etc. Id be curious to see an interview with him speaking on it lol.

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88, yeah I see Halloween for sure.

— @earthymama I've never thought of it as Christmas. Not something I watch during Christmas season. I've only ever watched it during halloween lol

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88, me too lol.

— Both for sure

— I love it I’m gonna watch it tonight. It’s both for me.

— Both

— Before you asked this question, I've always thought Christmas. Now that you've asked, I guess it's really both lol

— Definitely both

— I say it's a Christmas movie!

— Ooh I've never even thought about it lol I always think halloween though I think. But it's definitely both..

— Both.

— Quick, get your pitchforks out.....

I've never seen it.

— WHAT!?! No way! Girl! Get on it!

— I watched it for the very first time last Christmas. My son loves it so we’ve seen it 3-4 more times since.