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I need some advice ladies, my son is having an assessment d…

I need some advice ladies, my son is having an assessment done for ADHD, his Pediatrician wants me, my husband and my sons teacher to fill out a questionnaire because he doesn’t feel there is enough proof that my son is displaying at school, he said he doesn’t understand his report card. I spoke with his teacher from kindergarten and she pretty much say she don’t know if she can fill out the questionnaire because she doesn’t remember, she said he does certain things but not to the point where she feel he may be on the spectrum, his Pediatrician also explain to me that not everyone on the spectrum has the same symptoms and I explain it runs in both me and my husband family, I don’t know what to do? He has a grade 1 virtual teacher and she also notice his behaviours


— What kind of behaviours? And it is true that they can be all over the place but typically a lot of the behaviours are similar my son who is in grade 3 now was finally diagnosed in grade 1 so if you need help and support my inbox is open. As a mom with a child who has adhd its a big struggle and a long road of figuring out what his triggers are what works for him etc

— Hey thanks for the reply I will inbox you🙂

— Just have her fill it out to the best of her ability. Besides, the questionnaire won’t be the reason for a diagnosis. That’s only for background info. The psychologist (they make diagnosis I believe) will be doing formal testing.

— I asked her to do that she is kind of not wanting to fill it out because she say she doesnt remember I asked his new teacher but I thought the old teacher would of know more but I guess not🤷🏽‍♀️ but u are right about that questionnaire.

— @toya27, how doesn’t she know her student 🙄I mean I guess if she doesn’t remember then his behavior must not be that bad during class

— @mybabybear, he his easily influenced by others and that got him in trouble before but I don’t know, she said because she hasn’t seen him in a long time because of school closure,I told her to base it off of when he was in school, she said he has a few problems but not to the point where she thinks he’s on the spectrum and under the same breath she said she doesn’t remember but now he’s in grade 1 he’s struggling to keep his focus.at school he’s not the type to get up out his seat or interrupt the class, but more the inattentive type, other places he is combined especially at home, she said she was also strict with him at school. I just have to take what I can get from them, maybe he might tell me come back after he goes back to school🤷🏽‍♀️

— I would ask his current teacher to fill it out based on her observations. It sounds like she’s noticing the same behaviors that you are.

— @ekko, no he wasn’t specific he just said have the teacher fill it out so I guess I’ll send both? What do u think?the old teacher said she doesn’t remember much,

— @toya27, If she doesn’t remember much or seems to have already come to the conclusion that he’s not showing signs of adhd, then I wouldn’t give her the screener. You know him best and you’re seeing those things at home. The one filled out by the current teacher should be enough for the doctor.

— @ekko, ok thanks for the reply, I really appreciate.