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He's been recording me.. I've been trying to co-parent wi…

He's been recording me..

I've been trying to co-parent with my son's father, despite the horrific things he's put me through. I was regularly chatting with him and making plans. I've kept him involved lately.. after our call today, he accidentally sent me an email he was trying to send to himself and it was a recording of our call and description.

He's been verbally telling me he loves me and wants us back. He's said repeatedly he isn't recording me and is on a flip phone. He's sworn all of these up and down but here I sit. Listening to a recording of myself.

Only one party must consent in Ohio. It's legal but it doesn't make it right, especially when it's lied about. This doesn't allow for a very healthy relationship..


— You're good bc I wouldn't even talk to him for all that. Nobody has time for that toxic crap. I need room to breathe and have peace.

— I am not speaking with him at all. He actually drove an hour to where I live and knocked on my door for a long time. I asked him to leave obviously. He is just unable to think or behave rationally.

— @mwrigh15 smh what is wrong. I don't get why people act so crazy when a child is involved. The wise thing to do is to be level-headed for the child's sake but some people have too much nerve. I hope he comes to his sense and behaves.

— @chocolatechild Right! I have no idea how he can even think it is okay to act like this. He left me when I was two months pregnant then moved out 11 days after my son was born. He was terrible the entire time. Now, my son is 14 months old and he is still acting like this. It's disturbing.

— @littleonemorning ugh, I agree. I always do my best but I hoped for those co-parenting relationships that seem civil with the ability to coordinate and communicate effectively. Oh well!

— Stop talking to him
Then there’s no recordings. Do everything through court now. He just ruined ‘the easy way’ out 😠 jerk

— I second this. If he wants to play that way, make him do it all thorough the court.

— Right!! That was my reaction too. I am just so frustrated with him. I'd do anything for my son and that's why I was dealing with him but he cannot seem to ever be decent 🤦

— @mwrigh15, some people are like that. As long as you are being the best mom you can be, don’t worry about him. Keep it civil of course, but yeah, let the court handle him.

— That’s crazy. Why is he recording??

— Why is he recording you?

— I don't even know. The call was polite and normal as usual.. I assume he's hoping to eventually argue in court something about my character and probably records all calls to compile whatever it is he wants to prove. That's my best guess.

— @mwrigh15, that’s exactly what I thought. How shady and just weird!! Keep staying cordial and maybe texting would be better proof wise if anything was to occur.

— @dontspankme I just don't think he even understands that it wouldn't even look good in court to secretly record someone. You'd have to prove it's that person then it's obviously one-sided since he's aware of the recording and would act differently. Add on how manipulative and unhealthy it is to do that and lie about it.. if anything, I'd think it would make him look even worse!

It's so messed up. I'm really frustrated because I've done everything I can for my son to have healthy parents and his father just will not let it happen.

I am going to cut ties and let the courts step in. We cannot develop plans and he does not have any boundaries. There is nothing else I can do. I've tried absolutely everything and I've been telling him for one year we need the court's to help us. I'm just done. I feel like parenting is no longer fresh and neither is the break-up. He has no excuse for this kind of behavior 🤦