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I’ve never eaten at a Papa Johns and we are getting one... …

I’ve never eaten at a Papa Johns and we are getting one... is it even any good??


— Not that good !!

— Clearly not that good we got one and they closed lol

— Haha how funny

— Its alright, love their garlic butter.

— Never liked their sauce but enjoy!

— Garlic Butter definitely helps it out! 🍕

— Not my thing but enjoy

— It’s ight. Not the best but not the worst.

— @mikecoochie, lol I get that but I think I’d make a sandwich over eating it

— This!

— @mikecoochie, what $5 there $6 here and not even worth it pay another buck and get a good pizza

— It's my hubby's favorite pizza.. I personally feel that it's just ok.

— I like them! I worked there as a teen and will still eat there 😋

— Get the cheese sauce!!!

— Eh. Its not amazing. 😂 my oldest likes it.

— I’ll probably be disappointed

— I personally don't like Papa John's, but it'll do if I have no other option

— i survived college by papa johns lol...ate it in high school for lunch all 4 years

— I like papa johns

— I’m glad for a change, all we have is dominos and Pizza Hut oh and little ceasers but it’s nasty lol

— @supermomof4 I love all pizza. Even little caesars. Lol my hubby is more fancy & only eats this $30 pizza from a special pizza place here in town. I'm more of a cheapskate and if it's just the kids & I, I usually pick pizza hut or little caesars 🤣

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88, we had a little ceasers a long time ago and it was fine but this one is so nasty idk what the problem is!