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Back at the ER since this kidney infection isn't getting an…

Back at the ER since this kidney infection isn't getting any better 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2 things I hate the most are about to be done in one visit.. blood work and pelvic exam... Plus a cat scan! Ugh I'm about to be here for hours 😫 and kind of embarrassed to do the pelvic because idk how long it's been since I've done anything with myself down there 😅🤣


— Hope you start to heal and feel better!

— Thank you!!

— Pelvic exam for kidney infection? Huh what would that tell them? Iv had a darn kidney infection forever

— They just want to rule out and make sure it's not anything else going on since I'm having pain in my lower abdomen as well

— Oh man, I hope you feel better!

— Thank you!!

— Oh no! Maybe you need a different antibiotic? You poor thing. :( that is so miserable.

— That's what the doctor thinks but he wants to do the scan to be sure it's not my appendix or kidney stones.. wants to do blood work to check kidney function and the pelvic to check for STD and check for any other types of infection he said..

— @teelah it's good to cover all the bases at this point for sure.

— @jenx yeah, definitely since it's not getting any better!