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Also update on me ! : I’ve been taking medication for PPD h…

Also update on me ! : I’ve been taking medication for PPD had a psychologist tell me i had post partum depression, been having a hard time with our hard ships . I also been on keto for about a month and lost 13 lbs altogether ! . I miss my family a lot , hope to see them for channukah ! Well, At least my parents .


— I’m so glad you got some help and into a healthier lifestyle! Good for you! 🎉

— Thanks love !!! ❤️

— @itsamemario, hope you and your 3 boys are okay ,make time for you too “we all need me time “

— I agree we deff do !

— So happy to hear you’re doing better, you needed it mama.

— ThNks girl yeah I’m taking it one day at a time , just doing me . Trying to get better . We’re still in major financial stress at the moment . It’s just a roller coaster

— Awe I’m glad you were able to get the needed help! And way to go, I can’t wait til after the baby to get back into better shape 😆 hopefully things will be better by then that you can see your fam 💕

— @itsamemario, thank you! I’m getting anxious for her arrival 😁😁 hope your boys have been doing good!

— @lexhernandez, aww so exciting !!! Yeah they’re good still driving me crazy

— @itsamemario, I feel that 🤣

— It's so good seeing you give an update! ❤

— Missed my ladies !

— And awesome awesome awesome update on you taking good care of yourself! <3

— Thanks girl ! Been trying my best !

— I was just thinking of you last night. My daughter was reading the available titles for Kindle on the screen and she asked, "What's Dirty Yiddish?"

And I launched into a whole thing about how you can't just say words in another language, that they actually can have really offensive meanings and just because you don't understand it, it isn't okay to repeat. And she wanted to know which words, just for an example.

Long story short, we didn't buy "Dirty Yiddish".

— LMFAOOOOO wtffffff 🤣

— ohhh I'm about to cry I miss you so much

— Oh boo i miss you too😘😘😘😘