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The violence and killings in my city have increased abunch …

The violence and killings in my city have increased abunch and alot of them are in close proximity to my home.. my biggest fear is that someone tries to break into my home and the thought of what I would have to do to protect me and my kids scares me.. it keeps me awake some nights and then when I go to sleep sometimes I even have nightmares about it.. and now that it's just me and the kids my fears and anxiety about it have sky rocketed, I know I shouldn't worry so much but it's easier said then done when all of this nonsense and craziness is happening so close to home! I just had to get that off my chest, cause as I was laying down to get ready for bed I heard like 10+ gunshots and now I'm not even sleepy anymore.. I pray this world starts to get better 🙏🏻🙏🏻


— 🙏🙏🙏 I feel the same way, so much happening around and I'm alone with my kids most of the day, we decided to purchase a gun.

— Really strongly thinking about it!!

— The im living at now is highly like that were moving and we bought a gun bc how dangerous it is in our area we live few years ago before I believe before we had my 1st son on new year someone broken in our house so we bought a gun and last few days has been hell kids fighting trying to kill each other with guns set house on fire that has been already on fire and then drunks fighting and too top the cake pimps seeing his hoe get picked up or giving him money honey buy your self a gun

— If i didn't spell things right im up at 2am

— I agree with @oggirl.mom if you're afraid for the safety of your family get your concealed and a gun. It's one of the best things I did for peace of mind. I always have it on me, whether it's in the car, in my purse to go to the store or in my nightstand at night.

— Praying for a hedge of protection to be around your home🙏 where are you?? What's causing the chaos?

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88 it is! And it's crazy to think that this is a new normal around here 😰

— @teelah it is. Maybe things will settle down soon🤞

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88 I sure hope so!

— Praying for y'all!
Maybe it's time to look into getting a gun and learning how to shoot it! Ya never know!

— I was thinking the same thing! Better safe than sorry!

— @teelah exactly! I have one and I take it everywhere 🙂