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Also haven’t posted my face much on here or much of anythin…

Also haven’t posted my face much on here or much of anything really. But quick update, I got a new micro dermal a few months back, my girls are now 6 and 2! Hubs is stationed in N.C. for now and I don’t miss the Ohio snow one single bit lol We are currently TTC baby #3. I’ve come a long way with my drinking problem and working on my own personal demons and can proudly say I’m much happier and healthier as a person now. My marriage is better than I could have imagined it would be at this point. And I’ve actually made friends where I am! Hope all you ladies are doing well 💕


— Welcome back love!!! Glad to hear your doing so well💕

— Thank you! It’s nice to see everyone is still on here as well 🥰

— Beautiful ❤️ proud of you girl!!

— Thank you, I’ve been popping in and reading your stuff recently. Congrats on the new baby brewing! 💕

— @jmarie__ aww thank you❤️❤️❤️

— You're beautiful! 😍 Nice to see a good update like this ❤️

— Thank you! I figured I’d share a positive update with everyone 💕

— @jmarie__ you're welcome 😊

— You’re gorgeous! 😍 happy life is going good for you mama!

— Thank you 💕

— Woohoo! You go mama!

— So thrilled to hear your wonderful update!!! :)

— Thank you! It’s been a long road but well worth it!

— That’s wonderful!! Glad to hear you are doing better

— Thank you, I am as well! Counseling’s done wonders for me and has improved my home life and just myself so much. Hope you’re doing well 😊

— @jmarie__, that’s so great!! I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen you around here! Sometimes it’s best to take a break and realize what’s really important in your life!

— @supermomof4, I took a huge social media break and broke ties with a lot of people, but in the past couple months I’ve seen the change and it’s been worth it all! I’ll be around sharing my journey to baby number 3 now 🥰

— Hello beautiful! Welcome back 😊

— Hey pretty lady! I lurk from time to time but should be on regularly now lol