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So.. I have quite a bit of stuff my son has outgrown and I …

So.. I have quite a bit of stuff my son has outgrown and I do not want to try to privately sell things. I just don't have time to.

I have two of the newest jumperoos from Fischer Price and he hardly used them. Two bumbo chairs and a spinning one.. A never used sitz bath (had a csection so useless for me lol), a never been used portable baby cuddler bed thing.. whatever it is. A new, unopened walker.. quite a bit of new breastfeeding pads, creams, etc. I also have used walkers and activity tables. A year's worth of baby boy clothing.. some never been used.. a ball pit..

I'm having trouble finding places that will take donations.

Is anyone near Cleveland, OH having a baby that needs help? I don't want to give this to someone that will sell it. I just want to give it to someone who needs the help.


— Wow that’s a lot of stuff! You could save them for your next baby or give them to a friend or family member. We share all our baby stuff in our circle of friends and family. Hand me downs are the best.

— I second the women's shelter. I totally get where you're coming from and that's a wonderful thing to be able to do. A church or daycare may be able to distribute them also.

— @jquinzel ???

— Thqnk u but im a good distance from cleveland. Maybe try a family shelter in the area

— @jquinzel oh okay I just knew you were in OH 🤗

— @oggirl.mom yes im in toledo.

— I think u can donate it to woman and children shelters but I’m not sure