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So I am always made to feel really guilty about the fact I'…

So I am always made to feel really guilty about the fact I'm still breastfeeding feeding Theo. I get comments like "don't you think he's too old for that now?!" or "really? He's STILL breastfeeding?"
I mean people even say things to him like "you don't want that, it's for babies" 😣
He imis slowly weaning, we've gone from three times a day at the start of my pregnancy to a few times a week now. But I honestly don't know how to deal with the comments, they make me feel like I have to make him wait until we are alone to feed him.


— Like everything in life....you’re damned if you do...you’re damned if you don’t!

— Tell them to fuck off. Honestly people need to kind their own business hey. I bf my son till he was 3and would have done for longer if i didnt get pregnant with ny 3rd. Only bf my daughter till she was 1.5 but again only for that same reason as i just couldnt carry on tande feeding both while pregnant lol. They are soooo heslthy now and never poorly. You're doing the best for yhem just keep thinking that x

— You'll never please everyone. You do what is right for you and him! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Normalise breastfeeding! To be able to say you're still going when he's nearly 3 years old is one hell of an achievement and if anything you should be feel PROUD of that. Not feel like you have to hide it 😣

— Tell them to mind their business! He’s not their child so it’s got absolutely nothing to do with them! 🖕🏻😠 I got comments like that when my baby was 7 MONTHS old! 😳😠 there are some idiots in this world who think they know what’s best for other people’s kids🙄

— My health visitor said that I should think about giving Theo formula at when he was 8 months because breastfeeding that old is "weird" 😐 it's the comments made to Theo that make me annoyed

— I would tell them to back off.its your babies and your body you can feed then how much you want from you and for as long as you want to. Its nobody's business