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My (kinda) best friend is a hoe.... She's been having an a…

My (kinda) best friend is a hoe....

She's been having an affair with a guy she met at the beginning of the summer....but she's also been actively trying to conceive with her husband for a while now. Anyway...she slept with her side piece without protection when she was OVULATING. 🙄😑🤦. Now she's panicking because if she is pregnant (she's able to test next week or something) she won't know who's kid it is.

I told her she was dumb af. If she was going to be gross and not use protection she should have at least used plan b after the fact. If she is pregnant she just wants to play it off like it's her husband's child. 😱. I can't even imagine how this will play out.


— Tell her husband! Whether she’s pregnant or not!! Do the right thing here. It’ll be hard but is necessary. She wouldn’t be my friend. People like that are toxic.

— Her poor husband could get covid from her and stds. 😱Not cool.

— I couldn't be friends with anyone like that. I'd have let her husband know the second she admitted to it. That's all kinds of fucked up. I hope she isnt pregnant by either of them, just nasty.

— 🤣🤣 sit back and get some popcorn 🍿

— What a mess!!! I would have a hard time being friends with someone who would do that to someone just because they’re comfortable. While I bet deep down she’s freaking out inside, I think that getting her truth out would set her free. She’s not being smart that’s for sure.
I’ve got CBD popcorn for any updates...

— Oh my!

If she is pregnant I would not be able to let her husband (friend or not) believe such a terrible lie.

— Yikes 😬😬 I would suggest she tell her husband now, and potentially be able to mend the relationship. Once she tries to pass that baby off as his, there is no going back.

— 🍿🍿 can I get updates please!

— I don’t think I could not tell the husband. That is so wrong on so many levels. Says ALOT about her as a person. And that’s not someone I’d want in my circle.

— Damn. Not only did she fuck up her marriage, she fucked up y'all's friendship and the kids might be affected by her bullshit.
I'd be writing an anonymous letter addressed to her husband to tell him. If he decides to stay, that's on him but he has every right to know the possible baby might not be his.

— Sleazy hoe lol that’s gonna blow up quickly

— Ooof. That's going to get so messy. 🤦‍♀️

— I could not be friends with someone like this.

— @bunsinmyoven I know I feel so selfish for only thinking of my kiddo. I might write an anonymous letter if she is pregnant.

— @massgirl, I wouldn’t say selfish but I feel like we are constantly teaching our kids stuff by what we associate ourselves with.
No one is perfect and there’s a lot to navigate here so I don’t envy your position. I would straight up tell my “friend” this: “look I’m sorry but if you committed a crime and I knew and said nothing, I would be an accomplice. You made vows to your husband that you’re repeatedly breaking so you leave me no choice but to tell him what he is exposing himself to since you’re having unprotected sex with someone else.”
And then I’d let the chips fall where they may. If this side dude has HIV what then??

— @bunsinmyoven, yupppppp

— Welllllll that’s gonna be messy 😬

— That is so unfair to the husband 😮
Have you known her a while?

— @massgirl, do you and her share mutual friends or are you linked in any other way besides your daughters?

— @earthymama nope. Her son is my daughter's best friend. Like they just have a connection, and play SO well together. I would have never guessed she was this trashy or drama filled or I wouldn't have insisted on the playdates lol

— @massgirl, Hahahah! I was gonna say if there was a way you could tell the husband but that would lead to soooooooo much drama.