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Amazon fresh is very convenient 😌

Amazon fresh is very convenient 😌


— I'm so hoping since theres a warehouse being built in the neighboring city we will get this. What do you get from there?

— Everything I can get from the grocery store. This time I got fruit, veggies, meat, milk, some snacks, hot dogs, hot dog buns, frozen pizza. Stuff like that

— @momtoboys1516 dang that's pretty cool. Maybe I'll get lucky with this warehouse being built

— I swear I want to start getting into stuff like this because I cannot stand going in stores especially with covid going around.

— @momtoboys1516, mine doesn’t have it! 🙁

— Ohhhh where you live probably doesn’t have it yet

— @momtoboys1516, And that’s how my dreams are crushed 😂

— Wait amazon does fresh produce? Where have I been? 😂

— @momtoboys1516, How do I go to their fresh side?

— @mama_boricuax3,

— @momtoboys1516, 😯🤯🤯🤯

— Is it cheaper then instacart?

— Way cheaper

— Just remember to check your balance before and after purchase. To make sure correct.