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Funny how when I want to go out my SO says I’m not single t…

Funny how when I want to go out my SO says I’m not single to go just like that and I always tell him first (more like asking). Yet his friends invite him somewhere and I tell him he can’t go because whenever my SIL invite us to play or drink he says no not even to chill but he says yes to his friends N he goes alone. I told him he can’t go to his friends house and he said if I want to go I’ll go 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ honestly I’m so close to
Leaving this relationship. If he would let me hang out with my SIL or my friends I wouldn’t be this way. I have never been this way only if he was to go to the club alone without me but never with his friends. I’m like this because that’s how he is with me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


— Your situation sucks. Im sorry you dealing with that. Has he always been that way?.

I would invite my damn-self especially if you don't want him to go. i would say well honey just a sec and come out fully dress make up and all and then say lets go.😊 we don't wanna keep your friend waiting. Since you cant go out when you want might as well put a stop to him too. I also would use the same damn line he uses when i want to go somewhere and he says no. Id just say well babe ain't you the one that says if you want to go you'll go?🤷‍♀️ im just following your rule that ive added to my life now..then ask well you wanna come if not see you later tonight. But thats just me...
i get my point across to my husband this way . Like before he would tell my why are you dressing up to go to grocery store. That i was doing it for others and that he didn't care how i looked so one day i told him i need to go to the store i had on no make up, my bonnet, dirty clothes from the kids and slippers. He then ask umm are you going like that. 😂 so i told him you said you didn't care how i looked remember. Plus whenever he got ready to go to the store id ask him why he was changing he was just going to the store😑....

— What's keeping you in the relationship?

— My husband acts like that too don’t worry but he don’t go out we’ve been married 6 yrs I’ve never been out alone... or with someone I knew it wouldn’t ever happen lol

— My sons father was like this. I’m so glad I didn’t marry him. When you’re in the storm you don’t see how bad it is. This is very controlling and abusive behavior. I know it’s harder done than said but I wouldn’t want to continue living that way. Find you. Grow. Learn. And explore. You don’t need anyyyyones permission.

— Most of us don’t get together with someone to just be there for whatever it is they want us to do. Most of us get together with someone to grow as a family unit. We can’t lose our identity because someone wants us to act a certain way, be around certain people, or stay at home as a housewife and raise the kids and that’s it. You are young, you don’t deserve to be treated like that. If he’s not willing to compromise, I’d be heavily weighing my options...

— Yeah that’s what I always tell him. You always go out like nothing but I can’t because you act up you get mad and I end up not going to make you happy but he leaves and I’m mad and he don’t care he comes back acting like nothing yet if it was the other way around he would t forgive me. I have told him I don’t care if you go and hang out with your friends or whatever but I tell you
Shit because that’s how you are with me. The way you treat me that’s how I treat you. We live with his sisters so I don’t get why I can’t go downstairs and drink or smoke with them for a little and then come back. He knows what I’m doing and can go and see me but I can’t when he leaves with his friends.

— I’m sorry and I don’t mean to sound like an ass but he doesn’t have to let you go anywhere. If you want to go then go. I don’t understand the asking permission part, that’s not your father. Of course let him know like hey, I’m going to so so but just like he said “if I want, I’ll go” you keep that same energy.

— I always tell him first you know because I want him to go but sometimes I feel like if I have to ask because he always says no. And his sisters live with us 🤦🏻‍♀️ I always tell him let’s go chill with them. He don’t drink much and he ain’t smoking no more so I tell him let’s just go you can go there and chill with us no need to drink or smoke. But he’s always like no let’s watching a movie. I don’t always tell him let’s go chill with them but when I do he don’t want to go 😒 yet his friends tell him come over and he goes he don’t even ask me if I want to go with him and he tell me babe I’m going to my friends ok I’ll be back and he goes.

— That's hella controlling, manipulative and fucked up.

— You arent being any type of way. He is being extremely controlling and showing his massive insecurities.

— Yeah he is 🤦🏻‍♀️ even when I drink. I don’t drink all crazy and he always tell me to control myself 🙄 his baby momma would and still drinks all crazy that he thinks I’ll end up like her 😒 like no my dude I actually take care of my kids and act right. He has even told me you don’t even drink like that you just want to impress my sisters like no you don’t know me that good you don’t know that I have done or how much I would drink before I meet your ass. He acts like if he knows me so damn good when he actually don’t.

— 🤦🏻‍♀️ hes so stupid. Next time I want to go out I won’t give a fuck I’ll just let him know and leave. Even his sisters tell me not to let him control me but I always turn people down for him.

— @dragon_ball_mommy Yes girl, stand up for yourself. Dont let him control you. I did that shit for years and it fucked me up. Dont let him do that to you.