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I’m honestly so annoyed that I can’t find a doctor willing …

I’m honestly so annoyed that I can’t find a doctor willing to tie my tubes. Allen and I have talked and we’re done having kids. During both pregnancy I have had bad depression issues and with my last baby I ended up developing pre eclampsia ( I already had gestational hypertension with Genesis) .ive had ppd with both girls as well. And we think we hit our sweet spot with two girls two years apart. It fits for us financially. We also didnt plan on having any more kids until like 8-10 years from now. My girls will be so much bigger by then and neither of us want to start over. So we’ve really thought about this. But ever doctor I try to bring up to says “you’re only 21. Your husband may want a son down the line. You might change your mind” its so frustrating. For now I have nexplanon but I’ve seen many people get pregnant on birth control. That’s what I’m terrified of 😩! I wish a doctor would just listen to me! I really am done! Any advice mamas?


— Can't your bf/husband get a vasectomy? I told my husband my body has been through enough, I'm not having no surgery, so he got a vasectomy.

— My doctor lays is down and say be sure this is what u want and gives u a paper to sign and last up to 30 days to change ur mind

— I was told I need to be 27, be married, and have three living children. It’s frustrating

— So you have the "right" to murder a baby in the womb, but not the right to choose to sterilize your body? I'm seriously confused.

— This comment is a hot mess. Honestly she should have the right to make her own medical decisions in general.

— @monstermommax3 I'm sure you understand what I am trying to convey. Sure I could have worded it more gently, but I said exactly what came to mind at the moment. It's sad that she can abort a child's life but not choose to prevent it before that even becomes an issue. I find it sick to think of. Whether she will regret it or not noone can know, not even her, but she wants to make the best choice she knows at the moment and should be allowed to make that choice.

— I think each doctor is different. I was told I had to wait til I turned 40 when I was 34.

— I wanted to get my tubes tied after I had my second daughter which I was 19 and he told me that I should wait just in case if I change my mind and want to have more. I’m glad I didn’t though. I might do it once I have 1 or 2 more 😬😬😬

— Thats what I'm scared of. I have an appt july 31 to talk about it

— Change doctors or maybe just go somewhere they do it privately ..he can’t make that choice for you

— At 21 you should be able to decide that. The rule here is 21 or have 3 kids.