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Ok I get it . My twins stay sick . The people that come ove…

Ok I get it . My twins stay sick . The people that come over are not strangers they are family who is not sick at the time they come over . My stepmom is the main one that comes over Bc she helps me out a lot especially since I’ve been sick too . I am going to talk to their doctor about having a test done Bc of how easily they get sick but I would never put them in danger or mean harm to them in any way and some people are making it seem like I would by the way they are wording things . I’m the only one in this household that leaves the house to go anywhere like store runs and stuff like that . I could be a carrier of something and brought it back . It wouldn’t be no different if I was working . The girls was steadily sick throughout the winter and spring Bc they was passing it back and forth to each other . And as much as it sucks that they get sick easily all I ask for is just a prayers or something please don’t write something that could possibly bring me down even more than I already am . This app is supposed to be helpful towards mothers and I get it y’all are giving advice but it’s everytime I post something about them somebody always has to say “they are always sick” or blame it on me saying it’s my fault when I already feel horrible about them getting sick ... I’m doing my best handling two 1 year olds and a 7 week old ... I’m trying and I already feel like I’m failing so please just use your words wisely


— Ignore and block them girl! You are doing just fine! My son used to be constantly sick when he was little. It has nothing to do with what you're doing. It's just like others said, they have to build up their immune system and eventually it'll get better. They are young and put everything in their mouths so of course they're gonna get sick, but their immune system will get stronger and everything will be fine. Don't you dare feel like a failure bc of some ignorant comments on this app. Love them babies & enjoy them, you're just what they need. ❤

— I didn't read anyone elses comment but I will tell you that my girls were getting sick easily, too until lock down. It has nothing to do with you. You're probably doing great! They are little and little babies get sick easily. They share germs it happens and they will grow into a stronger immune system with time if they are normal little babies. Hugs, love, and support!!!

— Don’t post about your business nobody could say anything 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

— She's allowed to post about her kids being sick without being attacked by ignorant people.

— Kids get sick. Especially when you have multiple. My older boys pass everything back and forth. When one gets sick I would ask for meds for the other to start then on. My oldest was really sick till we moved and found out the walls had mold in the inside

— ❤️ wishing you and the kids well hoping you have a speedy recovery. Rest and get well.

— Both of my kids got sick every month from September- February. My daughter was in school so I think that’s why. Kids get sick. Especially babies.

— My son was always sick the first couple of years. I just tried to spray disinfectant and wiped stuff down as much as I could. It’s hard to cut down on visitors and what not sometimes.

— My oldest constantly had a cold until she was like 4-5 and she was never in daycare. And twins are usually born early and suspectible to getting sick easier.

My youngest is never sick. She just has a better immune system I guess.
My oldest after age 5 only got sick like once a year. She didn't get sick at all last year but this year she caught strept 2x (it and flu were going around our school)

— My daughter went through this from age 2-3. She was constantly sick. She was in preschool and all the kids passed it back and forth for months. There’s only so much you can do.

— My kids stay sick too. I start giving them vitamins ( but you might want to talk to there doctor first. Your babies are younger) and giving my youngest oj and more fruits etc...etc...they will grow out of it. They are just babies there immune system have to grow..

Baby girl... don't pay this no life judgemental bitches no mind love.. you are doing a great job. 🖕🏾 those that say different PERIOD!!

— I think it is normal for a child to be sick often. Like 6-8 times a year! Don’t stress. They are building their immune system!

— I've heard expect kids to get sick 9ish times a year. Having multiples, if they don't get it at the same time they pass it to one another like wildfire. Im not sure how early they were but that could play a role. When we go in for our checkups our pedi is always shocked that she doesn't see us more often.

You do good by getting them checked out when they do get sick.

— I was 35 weeks with the twins and 36 with Isaiah

— Kids get sick 🤷🏽‍♀️. My kiddo wasn’t a “daycare kid” and he still got colds often. Some kids are just more prone to catching colds.

— I’m sorry people come at you judging you. Some kids just get sick easily and pass it back and fourth between siblings. My sister was always sick when she was a baby/toddler. She gets sick easily now too but takes a lot of precautions.
I don’t think it’s fair for people to judge you for circumstances you don’t have much control over. You have 3 kids under 2 and you’re doing it all on your own with a new baby. You’re doing your best, you aren’t failing. We all need help from time to time so if family is coming to help and give you breaks then I’d just make adjustments of who all can come or create a space for the girls where only your step mom can go to keep it limited contact! I think some people are very quick to judge on here when they only know a fraction of the situation and don’t really ask for an elaboration before commenting.

— How many other people live in the household? My son was sick frequently during the first couple of years due to being in daycare and around other people. He pretty much had one cold after another from the time he was 8 months til over a year. He had a couple of stomach bugs during that time, too. It was a rough few months. Babies get sick pretty easily since they haven’t been exposed to much. They will eventually stop getting sick so often. It’s pretty normal. Try not to let online strangers get you worked up.