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Called the doctor for Londyn this morning and they told me …

Called the doctor for Londyn this morning and they told me to take her to the ER Bc her fever was 104.5 ... well she tested positive for flu b ... thing is flu season is over so they also tested her for covid . We have been taking the right precautions I guess you could say . Everybody that comes into the house sanitizes and nobody comes over sick . They was in contact with two family members before they became sick but tested negative for covid but wasn’t tested for the flu . I’m not even sure if you can test positive after flu season and it not be a false positive . My stepmom is taking Isaiah until Londyn no longer has a fever and Kali’s fever has just started but isn’t high . I’m doing nothing but stressing now Bc I pray it’s not covid 😞


— You can get the flu anytime. "Flu season" is just when it's more prominent

— Flue season is just when it’s more common. Doesn’t mean you can’t get it any time.

— Why are these poor kids always sick?

— Honestly idk . Nobody comes over here sick . But you are contagious 24 hours before you show any symptoms . I was just recently sick also . I know during winter and spring they was staying sick with colds Bc it would go back and forth between them I would get one better and the other would end up sick and then she would get better and the other would be sick again . I was a sick child when I was younger I stayed sick with colds . My sister stayed sick with ear infections and had to have tubes . I’m going to talk to the doctor about a immunity test and sickle cell test . They might just have low immune systems 🤷🏼‍♀️

— @alyssa20 I’m with @brittbrat32 🤨 your twins are always sick! Just in the past year, you’ve had them sick more than I have been sick in 3-4 years!
If you’re keeping them away from people like you said, they shouldn’t be this sick. I hope you’re putting them before you. Get the testing done to see if they have any autoimmune diseases and if not, just keep people away from them. You do see kids dying from Covid right now. The last thing they need is to strangers coming into the house, slightly sick. We all know quarantine is hard, but stay strong and keep everyone away from those kids!!! Visitors aren’t necessary!! If they do show up at your grandmothers house, take the kids in the room and read a book or something. Disinfect before entering shared spaces again, please, for those helpless kids sake

— @m0mmy, strangers don’t come in here first off . Second nobody has been here that’s been sick . We didn’t know my stepmom was sick Bc she wasn’t showing any symptoms . They was steadily sick during winter and spring Bc like I said they kept giving it to each other so it was going back and forth . And for some reason Londyn stays getting ear infections . Hell the people that live in this house stays sick more than the people who come over and helps with the kids when I need to go do something or helps clean the house . I stay sick 99.9% of the time . I was sick with something before Londyn got sick . And actually they didn’t start getting sick until they was like 7 months old after they ended up with RSV twice . Then from there it was steadily colds

— I hope she feels better soon. The flu in the summer is the worst

— @littleonemorning, @flamingfiremom, @iuiblessing2018, I honestly didn’t know that but knowing that now I feel a lot better . Hopefully this tamiflu will work ! Thank y’all for that . I think I’ll be contacting the doctor to test her immunity and also for sickle cell

— I always get the flu in the summer time. It sucks

— U cn get flu at any time not jst flu season

— You can get the flu any time of year.