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Okay yall I have a question..what would you do..So there …

Okay yall I have a question..what would you do..So there is a scabies "outbreak" at my work..but they are denying that's what it is..I don't see how they can deny it, when multiple residents have and has it..and employees had got it and even went to the dr and their Dr's have said they have it...they are trying to keep it under wraps so that state doesn't find out. What would you do? So far I've been lucky and haven't gotten it. 1 gal I work with got it and her 2yr old and bf got it from her....


— Report it or you’re no better than the leadership that is ignoring it.

— Happened to me when I was in nursing school during clinicals. A few of my classmates got and once that happened I reported it to our clinical director and she reported it to the state. The entire nursing was infested. Thank god our director pulled us out once she came and saw what was going on.

If I were your I would report it to the state. It will spread like wildfire and everyone will end up with it!

— Anonymously report it

— I would report it myself, honestly.

— Ugh. I used to HATE crap like this at work. When they knew damn well something was up and didn't want to admit it.

— @jenx it's pissing me off...