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Got some high waisted compression leggings to help my worko…

Got some high waisted compression leggings to help my workout and waistline this pair is a little to tight so I sized up but man I love these and they have side pockets lol!


— They definitely helped my waistline.

— Good to know!! Thank you!!!! I love them so I ordered a size up and if those fit better I’m gonna order at least a weeks worth to try and get back to where I was lol

— This is the waist trainer I have. I haven't wore it since before I was pregnant. Idk if it still fits 😭

— I’ve been thinking of getting one but when I used to wear one it was so uncomfortable I gave it to my sister I’m hoping these show some improvements or I’ll have to order a new one

— @mamiluna yeah I wore this one to work a few times when I was working and I couldn't fucking breathe omg

— @mamaxkat89, omg I could only imagine 😩

— How much

— Like 25 after shipping

— @mamiluna not bad

— Omg niiiicccee looks so amazing where did you get them

— Amazon!

— @mamiluna I totally gotta look into these I like the waist trainer but it's not very comfy to wear where breastfeeding that's the only problem with it