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So as you all know found out 4 weeks ago that my baby had …

So as you all know found out 4 weeks ago that my baby had no heartbeat 💔 at 9 weeks So yesterday I started bleeding 🩸 with pain. Nothing happen yet. But I pray it over soon. Walking around with my dead baby inside me killing me. This is my 3rd lost. In 3 years my body gone through 4 pregnancy in. 3 years Aaliyah was my rainbow 🌈 baby. I always very bless.
My my recent lost is 2 baby in space of 4 month
But I got 2very healthy babies
Jayden & Aaliyah. 💜❤️. I definitely need a break and just to find me again my heart broken. I feel like my heart can stop at any time the heartache I feel is unbearable. I feel so lost but I know once I past my baby. I can start to try get over this. I love all 3 of my angels 👼 👼👼 you all together now. Mommy love you all so much x


— So sorry for ur loss here if u need a chat I have not long loss one this is my 5 mc

— I'm sorry hun. Thinking of you ❤️

— I'm so sorry hun, stay strong. Big hugs 💗💗💗

— Thank you everyone xx appreciate it xx 😘

— Ahh I'm so sorry. I hope you are not waiting too long for you body to get back to normal. It is so hard what you're going through. I had 3 miscarriages in a row in the space of just over a year but had my rainbow nearly a year ago so keep faith that it will happen for you again. Will you be able to have some tests to see if they can find out why this is happening. I had tests after my 3rd. Message if you want a chat x

— Thank you babe I had bloods and they tested the babies I past. And scan my womb everything always come back normal. But I be getting this one tested too xx

— @ashvic1uk Ahh right. Nothing was found wrong with me either but as a precaution they gave me aspirin from early on and lots of scans. No idea if the aspirin made a difference or if it was just a coincidence. Hope you are okay. Thinking of you x

— @lallsop679, I was the same had 3 losses in a row and had aspirin and had my youngest at 34 weeks all my tests came back normal too. Xx

— So heartbreaking, your such a strong brave woman and I hope you find some strength to get through this, I will be thinking of you and always a message away if needed. 🤗 Xx

— So sorry xx

— I'm so sorry hun xx

— I’m so sorry :( can’t imagine your pain xxx

— So sorry hun 😣xx