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P.o.s Someone did something though. Thank God.

Someone did something though. Thank God.


— Wtf. If her and bd were together one of them could have stayed home. So stupid to leave a 4yr old with a baby. Maybe the 4 yr old is being abused and that's why she was hurting the baby. I feel bad for these kids. Obviously there's a big problem.

— Oh good I’m happy she was reported. The fact that she thought it was ok to leave a 4 year old at home, even if alone, is terrible but to leave her with a baby to take care of is horrible. She deserves to be put in jail for this! What an asshole she is

— Not everyone deserves to raise kids smh. How do you expect a 4 year old to take care of a baby? My oldest is 7 and gets frustrated with her sister not enough to do anything like that but still. I’m confused why both parents had to leave to go to the store. The fact this child then got beat and put on punishment makes me sick. Instead of her lighting the child’s ass up somebody should of lit her ass up

— First one why would she even post something like that. Two why would you leave a 4 YEAR OLD alone with a 9month baby? Three Especially when she has been physical with him before why would u even trust it?
Like what is so important for u to 'run around the corner' and leave them alone at the house. Why not take them with?
Ppl like this rly shouldnt have kids....

— Wtf 😡

— Smh, that's the problem with some people, they think children are mini adults, they aren't, they are children, and no matter how smart they seem, they aren't adults. She said the child knows right from wrong the way an adult would, but she's a whole adult and she didn't know that it was wrong to leave a 4 yr old with a 9 month old, how can the child she's raising really know right from wrong?

— Her nerves! To post that! ...to even say she is punishing a 4 year old for 2weeks!? Wtf. She is insane! I can only imagine other kinds of abuse she subjects that toddler to...as she says the toddler is not like other 4year olds😳!

— 😳😳😳 wtf??!! It's just the store!!! Like you didn't have to go with your bd. He could went or you could've went.

— Yes, let me leave my 4 year old at home to watch a baby!!! WTF is wrong with this lady!!! I hope she gets reported for child endangerment. What a dumb ass!

— I’m sorry, what?! They both had to go to the store? Why? No one thought one of them should stay with the toddler and baby??

— she deleted her shit quick

— id lit her ass up tf imma fins this bitch on fb brfb

— Wow! I hope she gets jail time for this!

— Unbelievable. Did someone report her?

— Yes

— What the fuck did I just read. 😳