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So I need some advice. My husband tested positive for covid…

So I need some advice. My husband tested positive for covid-19. (exposed at work, tested Monday got the results today) We were coughing sunday night and he woke up Monday morning with a little bit of a sore throat that was completely gone by the next day. Neither of us have coughed since Sunday night. The nurse from my doctors office said it wasn't necessary for me to get tested since I'm not showing any symptoms but I just find that kind of weird. I mean my husband isn't really showing symptoms either and he still tested positive. There is a local testing center who will test without a doctor's referral so I'm tempted to go ahead and get tested anyways. Would you? Or should I just wait and see if I get any symptoms? Idk what to do. 😩

ETA: We are still waiting on the health department to call so they might say I need to get tested anyways.


— Get tested
You can be asymptomatic

— I would get the entire family tested especially your pregnant hard to believe a nurse would tell you not to . In all cities even if you have been around someone who tests positive your supposed to more than ever be in Quarantine hoping good news for you and your family. My good friend works in a hospital in ny doing paper work& she had a mild case of the Coronavirus and was quarantined home thankfully none of her 3 daughter’s or husband caught it

— She didn't say not to, she just said it wasn't necessary.

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Thank you all for the advice. You guys made some good points.❤️ I went ahead and got tested! The local testing center had an opening so I was able to go last second. 🤞🏻 Hopefully it's negative.

— Good luck 🤞🤞🤞

— I hope it is nothing. Stay safe.

— Praying it’s negative!!

— Yeah I’d get tested. My city does drive through testing at the beach and park.

— Definitely get tested.

— I say get tested.

— Just get tested anyway. Sending love and positive vibes .xoxo

— I was going to comment what @love_linds said.

— Sorry to hear. I hope you continue to not have any issues yourself and your husband is in the clear.

— Get tested for sure

— Get tested💕

— Yes, get tested. Pregnant women have some kind of clotting problems. Some girl with COVID on here has to take shots to prevent blood clots!

— This! My ob was telling me about this!

— I was around three people that tested positive for the Corona virus and I didn't know till days later. I got symptoms immediately, I had trouble breathing out of my nose for two days, started coughing and my body felt horrible. My bf doesn't want to go get tested at all. But It hasn't gotten any worse.

— Yes and you’re pregnant so I’m sure they would want to test you, talk to your OB or clinic/hospital

— I would get tested.
Look around your area. Where I live, hospitals are testing everyone that goes in. Also some Walmart’s are testing by appointments.