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Has anyone been in a similar situation to me and can maybe …

Has anyone been in a similar situation to me and can maybe give me peace of mind?
I went to the doctor on tuesday following the 2 times I bled from my back passage, constipation and diarrhea I've been getting stomach cramps for months now and well the first time I went to get seen was in October. The doctor took blood urine and faeces samples and said I'd have to go to the hospital for an internal examination. I've lost half a stone in the past few weeks aswell but that could be down to work as I'm working 12 hour shifts in a care home
I'm just a bit concerned as the doctor never gave me an inkling as to what it could be


— I had this for months and months before the doctors did anything I was later diagnosed with coeliac disease, but they checked for chrons disease and colitis first. Coeliac isn’t much fun but I’d defo chose that than the other 2. Hope you get it sorted as it is so painful x

— @emilyanderson11111, I had to have an endoscopy. Not peasant may I add!!! I then had to do a food diary for 2 weeks aswel as how many times I’d emptied my bowels etc.
I now can’t eat any hunt wheat or gluten based. Which is horrendous!!
I’ll only do more damage if I do which isn’t worth it, can end up with a colostomy bag worse case scenario so it’s better to definitely follow the strict diet. Xx

— @christine2904 that sounds really difficult, I'd rather stick to a diet aswell than colostomy bag. I googled the endoscopy that looks awful 🤮xx

— @emilyanderson11111, it’s hard work, I’m not gonna lie and sometimes I fail at it as I just want a KFC but the pains are just not worth it. Especially having a little one.. I used to suffer with anorexia to the point I was hospitalised and force fed so to have to restrict my diet on top of that is even harder but I try and make the best of it, gluten free food is yak!! I hope you get to the end of it, and find out and hopefully it’s not of the above mentioned. Keep me posted lovely. Xx

— My friend has similar symptoms with her colitis. She isnt allowed spicy food or any food with a skin or peel as this can make it worse x

— Yeah my dad developed chronhs n now has rumatoid arthritis too its a horrible thing

— @erincharlieconor @3kidsandkat thanks ladies hopefully it's something treatable x

— I'm in the exact same situation! I'm being tested for Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. I have rheumatoid arthritis so it's quite common to get one of those along with it. My tests were sent off a week ago and I've not had results yet xx

— @dooniekay thank you I appreciate that same with you, sounds awful what happened to your knee, it's good that they can still do something about it though, and I know fingers crossed for you, let me know how you get on xx

— @emilyanderson11111 these are my knees today (I've been super dizzy and slipped in the kitchen hence the bruises) the swelling is unreal 🤦🏼‍♀️xx

— @dooniekay that's a sore one!! Cx

— My dad and my brother have similar thing to you and they both have chrohns but similar is also colitis.....my dad lost loads of weight and he was put on steroids my brother had a colostomy about 20 years ago now and is much better x

— Haven’t experienced it myself but Chrons disease came to mind. Hope you get some answers soon x