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Shoebill storks give me a huge Dark Crystal Skeksis vibe. T…

Shoebill storks give me a huge Dark Crystal Skeksis vibe. These are real too 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @icebergahead


— Fuck that. It's creepy

— Say what's I totally see that awesomely creepy!!

— My husband always gets creeped out when I do my creepy skesis voice saying PLEASE BE MY FRIEND PLEEEEASE !!

— @mamaxkat89 I should send you an audio 😭💀

— Lmao. I love it.

— @itsmel you should 🤣🤣🤣

— These are cool too! Harpy eagles


— That's creepy too

— Thanks for sharing this. I love nature stuff🤗

— I knew you would enjoy it

— stfu thats the cucuy

— "Much better with Gelfing"

— 🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️ now I wanna watch The Dark Crystal

— @mamaxkat89, heheh I own it.

— @icebergahead I do too 🥰

— Here is the photo🤣
Dd was staring at it🤣
(It was a taxidermy)

— I love this

— Wtf. This thing is real?

— Yes they are real.

— Never seen a bird like this in my life!! It’s sure creepy thou!!

— That is kinda creepy looking

— @supermomof4, my mother loves large, noisy birds🙈🤣
My father loved and still loves canaries. They are small but loud too. Always singing. When I loved with my dad, my friends always thought I was calling them from the rainforest. Hahaha he had over 30!

— @icebergahead, sounds like my mother 😂😂

— @supermomof4, bird people (no offense I love birds) are weird. Lol but they remind me of my dad💕🥰

— Yes and I love these birds! Dd has a photo with one when we went to the Natural History museum about 2 yrs back.

— I've never seen a bird like this. I saw a post about one on Facebook! Now I'm looking at strange animals on YouTube 🤣❤️

— @mamaxkat89, I believe they are from Africa. Maybe if I remember and they live in the swamps. The babies are adorable.

— @icebergahead now I must look up the babies