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Did any of you mommies with a preschooler get that P-ebt ca…

Did any of you mommies with a preschooler get that P-ebt card?


— Thank you for this post. I didn't even know about this and just found out from some of the moms in my state and city that possibly every student will receive it in our city.

— I’m in Arizona and haven’t received anything. People that I know with a ebt card had it loaded to their accounts last month . I could really use extra money for food 🤷🏻‍♀️

— They sent my dad a letter saying the cards were on their way

— I just got the paper for it on Monday.

— I had a preschooler but we don’t have this in Illinois. Very interesting!

— @mybabybear idk how my aunt and cousins did it. They all received food stamps and lived under the same roof. 🤦🏻‍♀️

— @what.the.hewl, I hate that!

— @mybabybear, no anyone that has kids....my brother doesn’t receive any assistance and his kids got it

— I had no clue i thought it was only Cali lol does anyone have preschoolers? My sons in preschool but I’m not sure if he’s eligible

— Mine are in pre k and they are getting it

— @oggirl.mom, okay so maybe I’ll get it late?

— What? Never knew there was such thing 🥴

— @scream.queen but in my state they approved p-ebt in April and again a couple weeks ago. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Like hellllooooo

— @scream.queen I'm gonna ask the welfare girls 😅

— @what.the.hewl, mine too. But I haven’t been getting them.