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Advise please! Tommy had a very regimented routine in which…

Advise please! Tommy had a very regimented routine in which he gets up at 7am and has a nap at 11, the last 3 days hes stopped napping and point blank wont go to sleep. I've tried everything, even yesterday I drove him about in the car and he still didnt go to sleep. He then gets so grumpy at about 3pm and falls asleep at 5-6 for the night. I know he should still be napping at his age is there anything I can do?

I tried getting up with him at 6 today to see if it would help and hes still not wanting to go to sleep


— My 20month old wakes up at 6am ish and naps at 12.30pm or 1pm. I think 11am is too early given his awake time is 7am. Maybe try a later nap.xx

— What time does he go to bed? If I let tommy nap later he wont go to bed until 8-9 😩 xx

— @kelsey234 he goes to bed at 7pm. So he usually naps 12.30pm to 2.30pm and I always worried if he'd be ready for bed so soon after napping but he's sleepy before. May be start rejigging his routine but only 30mins at a time and eventually he will adjust. At 18mo Rudi defo went through a sleep regression and I questioned dropping his naps but just stuck at it and he now sleeps great. They still need a nap till they are 2 so stick at it! Xx

— @mrsmowmow oh that's so good! Maybe I'm leaving it too long between and hes getting overtired. I'll give it a go thank you 😘 xx

— I think it’s just a phase Charlie done it and Conor has done and been doing the same xx

— Hopefully! I wasnt ready to give up my one hours peace a day yet 😂 xx

— @kelsey234, apart from bedtime that hour is the best of the day atm 😂xx

— Around Tommy's age my eldest started to drop the naps it was hourendous for hours because he was so tired but still didn't go to sleep then at tea time he would fall asleep at the table, but if you leave him for a day or 2 to go without it soon catches up with them and they'll sleep but I'd say it's the start of long days ahead for you haha id do anything to have that peaceful hour again. Every now n then it catches up still n hell go for a sleep sorry its not much advise xx

— Haha its horrible! I feel awful cause I take him out and he gets so grotty and grumpy as hes not slept. This is now day 3 of no nap and I'm worried it's going to become his routine and I dont want to put up with a grumpy child everyday 😂😂 I'm hoping as you said he will just get so tired he will get back into it but hes totally not having it at the minute 🤦‍♀️ xx

— @kelsey234 haha I know it makes you dread the day when it's like that you think child just go to sleep and wake up in a better mood PLEASE! 🙈😂 I've done what you said and drove him around and he still wouldn't go to sleep and hes been that tired he's then kicked off and won't get out the car ha toddlers are hard graft!!! 😂 Give it till tomorrow and you'll have that peaceful time back, I won't let my eldest sleep past 1oclock now either otherwise he won't go to bed but usually when he's wanting the nap he's ready for it about then so try and see if the later naps works but set a time not to let him go asleep after until you turn around and they are asleep anywhere 😂😂 goodluck 😘😘 xx

— @tam96 haha I've been like that the past 3 days! I miss my one hour of peace 😂 I'm going to wake him up at 5 tomorrow hes not going to win 😂😂 xxx